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  1. Hi Naes, Update your desk , then reload your setup (and then record your new shows). , or reload your entire show file (which includes setup) and you're ready to work.
  2. Thank you, you're right, it's easier to proceed like that
  3. Hi Edward, No, no particular reason, i just wanted to know if there was any way to do it like this, which is the more simple thing to do from my point of view. I just thought it was possible ... I'm very old school, and it's always strange for me to think about recording "something" empty between two cues to get what i want, but i'll do it cause i have no choice.
  4. Hi everyone, I would like my Robe Robin600E to be "black" between two cues... I know that i can manage that by enabling the "blink move on" option in the macro section of my fixtures, and it's working well, but in fact not in this case, because i want to go from a cue 1 (static full wash on stage) immediatly to a second cue (move & strobe on the sits of the amphitheater), and you well understand that if my macro option is on, then in the cue 2 my Robe are moving but no intensity (cause blink move is on ). The "Move on dark" option is not a possibility because there is no intermediate cue (in which my Robe could be at no intensity or shutter on) between the two cues i'm using. Any idea ?
  5. OK, so let's go forward with the beta version... Could you send me a link, please ?
  6. Hi Edward, What do you think ? Is it better to downgrade temporarly to 7.9.9, or to update to the beta version ? And something very strange is that yesterday the button was working very well, and i did not change anything in the desk !!
  7. Hi Issue this morning, every time i switch on the desk , and i hit the "prog win" button , the desk is crashing... here's the debug filedebug_6-2-2022_10-28-41.zdb
  8. Hi Jouper Create a state with all the fixtures involved with the strobe effect and the intensity that you need (tag all the others parameters to 0 by highlightning them holding the "clear" button) , then record it into a playback (with all defaults fade button parameters non selected) you now have a cue in a playback that will override every other cues in others playbacks with the same fixtures . If i'm telling something wrong, Edward will tell
  9. Hi Edward, thank you for all, i've re-loaded ZerOS 7.10 and converted all my fixtures and re-created all Macros, everything seems to run fine, it's up to me now to refresh my mind by reading again the user manual and have a look at all your videos again
  10. Hi Edward, Thank you, it's much more clear now. But something i still don't understand is that when i was running 7.9.8 and 7.9.9 versions, i had no issues at all.... Does it mean that, during this period, my Robe were still in the old format, and were integrated in your new library with the new format with ZerOS 7.10, that would explain why i have the issue just now and not with the two previous versions after 7.9.7 ? (or perhaps i didn't use my Robe with 7.9.8 and 7.9.9, which can be a explaination too cause i don't use it often)
  11. Hi Edward, thank you for the quick answer by mail. If i understand well, it means that the ZerOS 7.9.7 or earlier were using original library format for fixtures, and now with ZerOS 7.10 it is a specific ZerOS library format ? And all that i find in "red" in the Fixture Schedule must be converted in this new format to work properly, or at least to avoid issues ? And If so, is it written somewhere and did i miss something ? A chance that i used the desk just for training, and realised at this moment the issue rather then in the middle of a real event.
  12. Ok , but It was a fixture from a legacy show file, but correctly made from the ZerOS library, not a custom one, that's why i don't understand that the "auto macro menu" and the "beamshape lcd menu" are not the same
  13. All I've done before is to update the desk from 7.9 to 7.10, and I didn't tried to use the Robe since then. Before the update everything was fine and my 4 Robe were in the correct "mode" which is "1". Now that the desk is running 7.10, I had this issue with my "macro menu" being unabled to drive anything when hiting a key. You tell me that having used the Robe from an earlier show file is causing the problem. Does this mean that the 7.10 update includes library changes that affect my devices, so I'm forced to reset them using the new library (and I did)? And is it normal that the "auto macro menu" is now different from the one I was using before?
  14. Hi Edward, I've re-patched my Robe Robin600E, deleted all macros (colour, beamshape,...) and re-created all the Auto Macros. The new "Macro" menu is different now, perhaps the first time i've patched my Robe with the wrong mode (2 or 3 instead of 1) So far it seems to work, i' m gonna try to find the mistakes i could have made Thanks for all
  15. ROBE Robin600E mode 1 (full options) before ZerOS 7.10, everything was running well
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