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  1. Hi everybody! 1, The effect section is quite uncomfortable. An easy improvement would be to keep the parameters separate, so you can control for example speed and size on different faders and/or speed groups. 2, It would be nice to see even a part of the name in playback view. The information C:1 and N:2 is not meaningful. In the Submaster column is place for at least 7 characters. 3, A view that shows the actual assigned submasters or status on a wing 4, Patch export on USB Thank you Stefan
  2. Hi Edward, Thank you, too much parameters for a stupid old man! Never the less, the chase didn't stop at the end. That's why I programmed the cue... I try to get the situation back ... Thx for the quick reply Stefan
  3. Hi everybody, I had a little fashion show on a FLX S48 1024 and tried for one scene to trigger a playback to switch on the lamps one by one and the same back. Triggering the playbacks with the go button worked well, but triggering the playback in the master playback doesn´t work. I attached the part of the showfile. The relevant cues are Cue 82 to trigger the Playback 71, where the lamps switch on one by one and Cue 83 to trigger Playback 72 to switch the lamps off one by one. Standing in Cue 81 press the GO button of Playback 71 ... Lamps go on Then I released Playback71 and started Playback 72 ... Lamps go off. That´s the way I did it during the show. Starting Cue 82 switches on all affected channels at once Cue 83 switches off all affected channels ... Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong... One more thing... My first try was a chase with one shot -- This didn´t work at all. The chase stopped at 6 of 9 steps ... very strange!. I´m sorry, I have no showfiles of this try. Thanks Stefan Trigger Test.isf
  4. Hi Edward, I had a little theater show with several playbacks and cuelists on the FLX S and it took some time to find open channels. My opinion is that this "Source-Display" in the Output window is nothing to keep a console simple, but really helps if you have to edit a show or find open channels. No Preview and blind ... hm ... have you ever programmed playbacks during a running show? That is not simple ... ;-) Anyway, nice console ... Just another question: In the System Settings of the S48 I find the option "Show Record&Update Window". Why is this missing on the Leap Frog48/Solution? The Record/Update window is always on top of the Touchscreens Palettes and Groups. This is boring, especially if you want to save different palettes, you always habe to change the MFK´s on the desk. My touchscreen on the Leap Frog shows during programming 4 windows (Groups, Color, Position and Beams) and it you be nice to program all the palettes on the touchscreen without this overlay screen. ;-) Stefan
  5. Hello everybody, I`m working with a Leapfrog 48 and - since 2 weeks - also with a FLX S48. 2 questions: 1, The outputwindow of the Leap Frog shows the "Source" button. It´s not on the display of the FLX, but really useful to find open channels during a running show. 2, Is there a "blind mode" on the flx to program playbacks? Great Stuff, the FLX S48! Rock on Stefan
  6. My android likes the new command syntax! ... And me too!! Thx Stefan
  7. Hi Jon, 1, Is there a chance to get the cue names instead of cue numbers displayed on the desk or playback-fader page ? A short name is better than numbers! 2, I use DMX-in to get more playback faders. How can I display more playbacks than the 10 of my leap frog on the screen(s) for a quick overview, just like the old submaster screen? Thx Stefan
  8. Hi Jon, is there an estimated release date for Zeros 7.9? I would like to use playbackfaders for a small tour in summer and thinking of using my Leap Frog (Solution) desk. Is there a posibility to work as Beta-tester? Best regards Stefan
  9. Hi Jon, we had a discussion years ago concerning this. I think it will be a great step forward!! JUST DO IT! :-) Stefan
  10. Hi Zero-Team.. Are there any answers in the Zero88-universe?? ;-)
  11. Hi Zero-Team, 1, Keep names when overwriting palettes Is there any reason, why overwriting submasters keeps the name and overwriting palettes resets the name? My favourite is to keep the name in both modules. I often change the fixtures in groups, when I use a showfile in different theaters and it´s quite annoying to name 10 to 15 groups again and again and again ... 2, Desk speed Is there any solution for the speed problem of the solution desk? I got the newest software and the speed of switching displays is not acceptable. Especially fast editing during shows is not possible. My showfiles are not complex, so it should be no "space"-problem. 3, Effects Will there be in the near future any change in the effects-section? Could you please separate the parameters so speed- and size-parameters can be stored on single faders. Thank you :-) Stefan
  12. Hello, I´m looking forward to buy a visualizer for my Leapfrog48. Polar Capture is for my purpose too expensive. I found another software. This visualizer uses Artnet. I have no experiance with Artnet! My questions: 1, My ethernet port is at the moment used for a Wlan-Access point. Is it possible to use Ethernet and Artnet at the same time on the same cable connection/Switch? 2, Is it possible to use Artnet and DMX at the same time? Is the transmitted data for Artnet universe1 the same as DMX universe1? Thank you Stefan
  13. Thanks for the answer Kirkup! I think it would be useful to see the buttons labeled. I tried to prepare my first show only with the phantom. But if you are not used to work with the desk it´s quite difficult to find the right buttons. So I stopped my effort and did the job with try and error and the real desk. This worked fine! I´m astonished that the frog2 surface has button labels. Maybe you think about for the next release. :-) Stefan
  14. Hi! I´m looking forward to buy a Leap Frog 48 Desk and tried to install the Phantom Frog. The simulations is working, but I can´t see the faders and button descriptions. The button descriptions appear in the title/status of the window when the mouse is over the button. LCD´s are working fine. Resizing the window doesn´t change anything! I tried to install on 2 systems with 2 different graphic cards (Old ATI and newer Gforce). I think it´s no problem of the graphic card. The Frog2 surface works normal (I see here the button decriptions and faders) Has someone an idea? Thanx Stefan
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