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  1. Ah, but that changes the colour edit mode for every fixture, what my ideal would be is to be able to have the LED fixtures programming using RGB, and my moving heads using CMY as they have different ways of creating the colour within the fixtures themselves. and Ian, yes thanks I am familiar with the auto pallettes function but it's not a question of the final colour it's how I get there. I have to teach principles of lighting design to gcse and a-level students and it would be nice to easily show the difference between CMY and RGB, especially as students initially find RGB easier to get their head around than CMY.
  2. Hi, I'm about to program a load of Chauvet Colordash quad-par 18s in 10channel mode. However I notice on the colour parameters that I only have a choice of CMYA. Of course being RGBA fixtures I was expecting to be able to program using RGBA. Is the use of CMYA in order to make it easier to match CMY fixtures such as discharge lamp moving heads? or is it just a spot of randomness in the fixture profile? Also is there a way I just haven't found yet to to switch them to RGBA? regards, Will
  3. I've had a search through the manual and can;t find anything. Is there a function that allows me to tell one fixture to replicate any or all of the parameters from another identical fixture elsewhere in the rig? Let's say I've spent some time getting a particular prism speed and focus on a certain gobo. And then an hour later into the tech I realise I need that to be done from a second fixture. 101 is the original fixture, I need fixture 102 to do the same thing. Is there a syntax to use that will do this ?
  4. Hiya, for some reason I'm having trouble persuading some mac 500's to lamp on from the desk without using the parameter wheel. I've tried entering both the dmx value of the lamp on command (BEAM 230) and also the percentage value (BEAM 90) to no effect. I want to create a macro to lamp them on to make the process speedy and precise (something which the parameter wheel is not). What am I doing wrong? thanks, Will
  5. Hi chaps, do you have a fixture profile for the LeMaitre Neutron Star Hazer for use with the orb series? If not I need to make one, which is tedious in the extreme. regards, Will
  6. WillFeasey


    great that's what I like to hear. Both I'm not going mad and it's being fixed. Cheers.
  7. WillFeasey


    Recently updated to the latest software version on my Orb, have noticed that occassionally when editing fade times (including beamshape, intensity and position fades) that the edit doesn't save and when I come back to the cue a few minutes later it has reverted to the old fade time. My process would go something like this: Running the cue stack in a dress rehearsal say, and decide to change the timing of the position fade between LX 29 and 30 after seeing it 'live'. Click on the position fade box, change the time from 3 seconds to 6. Click away from the box to highlight next cue (LX 31) At this stage position fade reads as it should at 6 seconds on LX30 20 minutes later when we go back and run that scene again I notice that LX 30 position fade reads 3 seconds. Annoying. This has happened about a dozen times in the last couple of weeks. Also tied in with that is a similar thing where I may update the position fade again, re-run the cue and despite position fade being 6 seconds the fixtures quite visibly are still taking only 3 seconds and it's not until I save the show by entering and exiting set-up that the cue runs as it should. These are annoying little bugs which I'm fairly sure aren't due to something I'm doing differently to how I did it before the software update, I appreciate it's hard to replicate the situation as well as it seems to be fairly randomly occurring with the desk behaving itself the bulk of the time. Is it worth me reinstalling the OS?
  8. Hi, is there a way I can instrust a stack not to track effects? There is nothing worse than having moving heads whirl around their movement chase whilst blacked out for fifteen cues ahead of the actual cue the chase happens in. I know that you can put in 'block' cues for moments like this, but in general I NEVER want an effect like that to track ahead because my geriatric old movers are pretty noisy.
  9. WillFeasey


    Nothing leaning on the desk, no buttons visibly stuck down, bug occurs with both a normal mouse and when using the trackball and it's buttons. No touchscreen unfortunately so I can't try it using that. The triggers can be changed using the command syntax and work fine, but obviously the cue setup window would be quicker and easier.
  10. WillFeasey


    When trying to change the trigger from GO to AUTO or something else the pop-up menu instantly closes before a choice can be selected. This is on software 5.3.5. The method I'm using is; double-click on comments box in cue list, click on the expand button in the trigger section. Exapanded menu opens and instantly closes.
  11. I know the Orb can be remotely operated via a wifi device such as a PDA with the proper software installed on it. My question is though is how to put the desk onto a network. Can it run straight into a wireless router and effectively be it's own mini-network or does it have to hook up to the internet via ethernet first?
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