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  1. your a legend, although this sounds like i need to reprogram my board for this weeks show, Doh! thanks tho, that makes much more sense now
  2. hi guys, this is my first post and i think im having a similar problem. im doing a show this week and using a fat frog for my first time, im used to using a sirius 48channel. im running 10 fixtures: 4 mac250+'s, 4 abstract extreme and 2 martin destroyers. being my first time im not sure im using the board right, however its too late to change, i have a performance tomorrow night! ive loaded a few scenes into the submasters, most of which use generics with a couple fixtures doing their thing. i tried to be clever and give one submaster control of the macs, another for the destroyers etc, BUT, with one submaster up (macs for example) and i bring in the destroyers on top, i lose the macs and they return to home 8O its been a very frustrating rehersal today, thankfully the people im lighting for aren't that fussy, but we're looking to replace our sirius with a fat frog in the near future, im going to have to understand what i can and cant do for future productions.
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