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  1. Ok, but the procedure is to wait 5 seconds on LAMP ON for it to light up. How to proceed with the shortcut? Before the macro disappeared, the procedure was simple, I selected the fixture and press"LAMP ON". I'm sorry but I don't understand how to create the macro?
  2. Thks for your help. I'm on LeapFrog 48. Ok to record on beam palette, but it's not possible on macro ? To be honest, I had the command in my macros, but I don't know why, it disappeared ?
  3. Hi, can you explain the exact procedure, because i also don't have macro to Lamp on for Mac 550. Thks by advance.
  4. hi all, please, i search fixture for STARWAY TOURKOLOR and OXO Funstrip. anyone have this ? Thks by advance.
  5. Thks, i test soon. And for "lamp off", i use the "remote shutdown" ?
  6. Hi all, i have Leap Frog 48 and i buy 6 studio color last week. My fixture library is ok. But i don't understand what the procedure to start the lamp (Lamp on ?) with dmx ? If anyone use this fixture ? thks by advance.
  7. sorry, but i don't understand ?
  8. hi, my Leap Frog 48 is on 7.1 version. in the manual : Ok, but when i move a fader to change level of my fixture, any change ? i don't understand ? For example, in my submaster 1/2, i want change the level of my Channel 2, 80% to 60% i select SUBMASTER 1/2 i press LOAD and OK i adjust on fader 2 (Channel 2) any change... i press UPDATE any change... i don't understand. Thks for your help
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