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  1. Short term solution One of the MFKs was sticking, so it was selecting update user fixtures whenever we entered setup mode. Long term we will need to look at the interface after the exams once we have updated to the new OS to try and work out how to make the current files work with the new OS...if anyone has any suggestions for that stage. Thanks for the suggestions
  2. I'm clicking on 'Load Show' rather than 'Load User Fixtures' but this is what it's coming up with. It's also stuck in a loop when you click on ok or cancel and reopens the dialogue box pictured.
  3. Hi My LeapFrog 48 has decided to stop reading the show files we have saved on the USB stick. It says in the load show dialogue box "select GFT file" and can only find one called "gft29_00_filtered.ift" When I plug the USB stick into my computer all the show files are on there. I tried updating the console to the most recent software and it was able to see the shows but when I tried running one of them it didn't make any of the lights turn on. I tried reinstalling the previous version of the OS, knowing the new version could see the show files, but it went straight back to the original problem of just showing the one gft named file. Any suggestions? We have exams coming up and I need it working. No idea why it suddenly stopped working. James
  4. Hi guys. Tanks for the tip. Have upgraded today and it's so much better at the moment. Will shout if it goes all laggy again. Had exams Tuesday and yesterday so couldn't do anything before now, life wouldn't have been worth living if I'd updated the desk and lost all the kids work. Now to work out how to remake the effects
  5. On the Leap Frog 48 desk we have at school it has started randomly getting signal lag between the desk and the external vga monitor. Some of the time it works perfectly and responds immediately, then for no apparent reason it will lag to up to 7 or 8 seconds behind the desk. You can still see in real time where you are using the little display on the desk but it makes using the colour picker near impossible to use and very frustrating when trying to work with students. I have tried different monitors and cables with no luck. I have tried turning the desk off and on again which sometimes works. As far as I can tell nothing is putting pressure on the vga port connecting to the monitor and wiggling the cable when it is lagging does nothing. Any suggestions?
  6. Is it possible to download or program new effects on a leap frog 48, if so how do I do this? We have the basic movements in and there a a few colour fades but I'd like to increase this. It would be nice to have a can can and specific colour chases (full rainbow, reds & oranges, cyans & blues & greens, etc) Also, is there a way to program these effects that can then be spread over as many fixtures as required? Ie a can can or rainbow chase effect that I can apply to 2, 4 or 6 fixtures and quickly offset each one to get a ripple effect, rather than changing the offset value for each one.
  7. Can the KAM LED PowerBar work with the intelligent lights section of the Leap Frog 48 with a fixture file (does one exist yet) or can it only work with faders?
  8. Did anything come of this? Our desk has basic effects like square and circle etc, but would be fun to be able to put things like can-can or whatever in with the effects panel rather than having to manually program chases for each section of lights. Is there a library online here or something where people can post effects they have made?
  9. Hi We have a Leap Frog 48 at school and for the most part it is great. However the other day we had GCSE performances to family and friends. Everything that was already programmed worked fine; but one group still needed to sort their lights out. Day 1 everything worked great. Day 2 this group came up to program their stuff and the desk had forgotten half of the channels. Ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 didn't register anything when I tried to use them. On the output window they wouldn't display any percentage output value for them when I was using the faders. The other channels worked fine. To add to my confusion the groups that performed on day 2 that had already programmed their lights all channels worked, but I was unable to add the channels above on the fly if I needed to. Any ideas what happened? Everything was turned off and shut down as normal after day 1 and as far as I know nothing has been pressed that should have done anything like this.
  10. Hi Is there a personality file for Chroma Qs Color Force 12 for a Leap Frog 48?
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