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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Im after the following fixture files to run on a Leapfrog 96 console. Can anyone help? Showtec Compact Tri Par 7 Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer Thanks in advance! Jay
  2. Hello! As some other guys I'm looking for a fixturefile for Showtec Pixelbar12 (with different DMX modes). We could use the standard fixture RGB, but 7 channel mode etc. sounds better. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, Really need a fixture for the 'Showtec Shogun DJ RG-100' laser machine. Had a go at making one, but no idea how to make a laser fixture. Need a fixture ASAP please!! Thanks! Sam. It's for the Jester ML48 by the way.... Sam.
  4. Hello Zero Team, I need a fixture profile for ShowTec Compact LED Bar asap. I just found one profile with 7 Channels. But I need the one with 14 Channels and the otherones. Thanks!
  5. Hello Zero Team, I need a fixture profile for SHOWTEC Hurrican 250 Spot - I'm running a Leap Frog 48, current version 7.7. I can also submit the manuel if you need it.
  6. The new Showtec XS-2 Duo (identical in spec to the Chauvet Intimidator) is a two-headed moving fixture with a common set of DMX. Can anyone help me with creating a common dimmer control for two addresses (each head has a dimmer with a separate addresses on ch5 & ch6). Personality can be 10, 17 or 20 channels but I have opted (for simplicity for the 10 Ch). I have tried a variety of options but always receive the same message that the fixture may only have one brightness parameter and not figured out a work-around. Thanks in anticipation for your thoughts. (.ift attached) Showtec XS2 Duo 10ch v2.ift
  7. Hi, Has anyone created a fixture profile for the channel modes which are not already a part of the fixture library? I have created the 20ch mode but when trying to use the desks built in effects engine it only works on one of the segments. Any thoughts much appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  8. Does anybody have a fixture profile for Showtec's Pixel track Pro in modes 20 or 40? The fixture release seems to only have modes 4 and 7 and in missing the others, disappointing! Dan
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