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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, Does anybody know if a fixture file is available for the Chauvet Intimidator Trio? If so could somebody post a link? Here is the link to the datasheet/manual for DMX configuration: https://www.chauvetdj.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Intimidator_Trio_UM_Rev2_WO.pdf Ideally the 15 Channel configuration would be the one available, but if not the 30 channel configuration will do Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Im after the following fixture files to run on a Leapfrog 96 console. Can anyone help? Showtec Compact Tri Par 7 Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer Thanks in advance! Jay
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone have the driver profiles for these fixtures please... STAIRVILLE MINI STAGE PAR 4X8W RGBW 40° (8 Channel) ADJ COB CANNON WASH (10 Channel) VARYTEC LED TRUSS LIGHT RGB 30W COB STAIRVILLE SHOW BAR TRILED 18X3W RGB (54 Channel)Thanks Guys Leighton
  4. Hi, Wondering if someone could help me and do a file for the american dj inno spot elite-15 channel am useless at using the fixture creator lol http://www.americandj.eu/en/inno-spot-elite.html Cheers, Sean
  5. Hey guys, Can you make a fixture for these lasers? I have a jesterML24 desk. Thnx in advance! Fixture requests: RF1456RGB laser http://www.rfsystems.nl/gebruiksaanwijzingen/LI125001_NL_.pdf (in dutch, sorry) Ayra Ita Quatro laser see attachment ayra_ita_quatro_rg_dmx_laser_user_manual_v2.pdf
  6. Hello Zero Team, I need a fixture profile for ShowTec Compact LED Bar asap. I just found one profile with 7 Channels. But I need the one with 14 Channels and the otherones. Thanks!
  7. Hello, could someone please help me out with making a custom fixture for http://www.americandj.com/pdffiles/x_move_led_25r.pdf . I tried to make a file in the Type Editor but when I try to load it it says wrong type or something like that... (file attached) Also, can I change 5 pin to 3 pin and then go back to 5 pin again? I have various lights. FixTyp1.ift
  8. I need a fixture profile for a american dj inno color beam quad 7 asap! http://www.americandj.eu/default/inno-color-beam-quad-7.html/ I have it out on trial? Anyone have one? Running a Leap Frog 48, current version 7.7 of ZerOS
  9. Hi, Has anyone created a fixture profile for the channel modes which are not already a part of the fixture library? I have created the 20ch mode but when trying to use the desks built in effects engine it only works on one of the segments. Any thoughts much appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  10. Hi all, Ive tried to create fixture files for the following : Lanta Fireball Par 64 Quad Stairville LED 252 RGB DMX Bar When I try to upload the file to a Jester ML48 desk it loads to 90% and then says 'wrong file type'. Any suggestions?! Thanks in advance, Nik. Penrice.ift
  11. Hi Does anybody have a fixture file for Futurelight PHS-150 Moving Light? If not ill have a go at making one! Its for a Fat Frog board. Many Thanks Jack
  12. Version 2.5.3 of the Fixture Tools has been released, which includes a number of bug fixes. This is available from the product specific download pages. Fixture Type Editor The Fixture Type Editor is a PC (Windows) based tool that allows you to create or modify fixture type data files for use on the ORB series , Solution series, Frog 2, Leap Frog 48 & 96, Jester ML series, Jester TL series, Frog Series, Illusion 500 and Diablo lighting desks. DOWNLOAD HERE. You can also use the tool to export fixture files in the correct format for the Sirius 250/500 desks. A user guide for the fixture editor is also available from the link above. This guide talks you through the process of creating a user fixture type. Once the user fixture type is created, please upload it to this forum in order for us to add it to the fixture database. You may also wish to look at a tutorial produced by one of the forum members (Yves) which shows you how to create a new fixture type file ... Fixture Editor Tutorial - CLICK HERE Common Fixture Manager The original Frog series desks have 20 common fixture types stored on the desk. You can change these if you want to, to match fixtures that you commonly use. To do this, download and install the Fixture Tools (see above). It's also worth downloading the latest version of the fixture library at the same time. Run the Common Fixture Manager. You'll then see the following text which guides you through the rest of the process... Getting Started. The Frog series consoles have the ability to store up to twenty fixture types in the Flash memory of the console so that users are less dependant on the Library floppy disk which could get damaged or lost while on site. The Common Fixture Manager allows you to select from the factory issued Library and from user libraries which fixture types you would like to be stored in the consoles Flash memory. This does not affect the use or operation of disk based libraries in any way. After starting the Common Fixture Manager select Insert from the Edit menu. By first selecting from which library file you wish select fixtures and by then clicking in the box beside the fixtures you require you can create your Common fixtures file. You can repeat the process using different library files until you have twenty fixtures. By then selecting Save as from the File menu you can save your *.cft file to disk. Use the Load CFT in the Floppy Disk menu in Super User mode to install the new file. If you would like to reset your Common fixture types back to the factory default you will find a common.cft file on the software installation disk shipped with the desk. Note that installing new operating software on the desk will overwrite your custom *.cft file, and you will need to reinstall your custom *.cft file after performing an upgrade. If you have any questions on the Fixture Tools, please feel free to start a new topic in this forum.
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