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Pan/Tilt Invert and Swap (Version 9)


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We've had a new install at our church which included a chilli dimmer pack, fat frog 4x minimac and 4x Mac 250 and a load of par cans. The stage setup regarding lighting is pretty symettrical Now the question I have is, I know the macs can be set to be inverted. That is great. But not great if I don't want them inverted all the time. Is there any way of inverting them from the desk. And if so is there any way of limiting the inversion setting only during certain scenes and/or chases. Am I overlooking something simple by asking for this kind of functionality or does it seem logical? I have a reasonable amount of knowledge regarding DMX lighting and can find my way around most boards given about half an hour. (Mainly having worked on smaller GLP and Martin boards in the past). I still wouldn't call myself a pro, cuz I'm learning BIG TIME. Any info on this topic would be much appreciated.



Kind Regards


Pete Fernando

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I've tried reading the manual and a search and cannot find anything specifiic to my question.


Is it possible to invert pan / tilt to a fixture direct from the fat frog desk or does it have to be changed directly at the fixture.


Probably a really easy answer but I couldn't find it


many thanks



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Hi DogCop,


Yep, it is possible on the desk. Go... Super User (hold + and - and enter) ---> Desk Setup ---> Pan/ Tilt Options ---> Pan Reverse/ Tilt Reverse/ Pan and Tilt Swap...


As a general rule I always prefer to do it on the desk because it gives you more flexability and helps the next poor guy who rigs all the fixtures, strikes them all, tests them and thinks ohhh duck!




Edit: Ohh, just realised; if you haven't been able to find it already then it's probably because you've got an old version of the software. Pan/ Tilt Inverting has only been available from Version 9 upwards

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I knew it was possible - just couldn't find it and now I know why :oops:


JUst to comfirm if my fixture rig is something like:-


x x y y


I wish to invert fixtures "Y" when I go to the superuser section. Is there a process which I have to select the fixtures I wish to invert first or is this automatically part of the process.


Also does it automatically invert "tilt" as well as "pan". BAsically I would want fixtures "Y" only to invert pan and not tilt.


hope this makes sense


kind regards


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