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Common Fixture Manager not saving ?


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I've recently purchased a Fat Frog as part of a huge pile of kit I got from a friend.

I've tried to create my new .cft file in common fixture manager to load into my new desk.


However it won't save the file either to hard drive or to floppy, my questions are:


1. Do I need to format the floppy in the desk before i try to copy a cft file to it on the PC?

2. Do I need to load the CFT from the desk onto floppy to be overwritten by new file on PC ?




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I have observed that the most recent version of the Common Fixture Manager 2.5 seems to have a bug in it.

I had difficulty loading in fixtures. Also the app does not save the *.cft file, even though a dialog box does come up and appears to be doing a "save" operation.


I am running WinXP and SP3.


I had to go back to v in order to create/save a custom *.cft file.


Zero 88 please fix this when you get a free moment. Thanks.

John Adamson

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Hi John,


We're aware of this problem, and looking into it.


Until then, please continue using the previous version of Software.


I have updated the website so the Fat Frog, Bull Frog, Mambo Frog, Leapfrog and Illusion point to version 2.1 of the software so you can download it again if you need.

Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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The syptoms here looks like an odd problem we are having. We have bought some LEDj battens. Got them working using the Sweetlight dongle so know they work. However when trying to load the fixture supplied by Zero 88 ( a tweek of one done by me with fixture editor) it refused to load, in fact the desk kept loading the previous fixture on the desk. On removing that fixture from the list the batten loaded okay, but on trying to load back the previous fixture it refused. I suspect thi is the same bug as quoted before on this thread. the desk in question has the latest software were as my desk ( cant check as at home) has an older version and the fixture installs okay on that desk. Does this add up as a known bug?

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