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Fixture will not install


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We have now had another go with this problem. Basically a fixture that is


1 Brightness

2 Red

3 Green

4 Blue

5 Strobe


is setup using the fixture tool and saved to floppy. Having gone through the usual boredom of having to format this disk in the desk then take that to the PC we got the file on board the floppy. Nearly there we thought, WRONG!

Doing the normal procedure to install from floppy disk on selecting and pressing "assign" the fixture takes adevice already on the desk. It will not take the one from the floppy disk. By deleting all fixtures we got the LEDj to work, but cannot with other fixtures.

We have tried renewing the operating software but nothing works.

Any ideas guys

The very odd thing is the install works on my Frog desk!

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Hi Nick,


Which version of the Common Fixture Manager are you using?


As I posted in the other thread that you posted this problem in, we have discovered a problem in the Common Fixture Manager that affects all our older discontinued desks. We have updated the website so that discontinued products point to an older version of the Common Fixture Manager.


I hope this helps,



Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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  • 2 weeks later...

No still no luck with FatFrog. And now I find I cannot upload a CFT file to the forum! How is anyone supposed to try to install which I was going to ask! All the files are recognised by my slightly newer LeapFrog

Anyway I attach the fixture files. We have tried the older Fixture manager.

Any bright spark in the Hertfordshire area care to pop over to have a look. Payment by beer!

Chauvet Par 64 Tri.ift

EUROlite LED Par.ift



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Hi Nick,


I believe you have spoken to Keith too?


We have both tried to recreate this using the files that you have sent us on a Fat Frog, and we can not recreate any problems.


If you would like us to phone you and go through the process step by step, then let us know.


Many Thanks

Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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