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Lanta Laser fixture type editor


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Hi guys


I have recently bought a few Lanta Lasers:


Lanta Blazar Sapphire 500


Lanta Blazar UV Pink


Lanta Quasar G50 Micro



I'm using the fixture type editor but need some help.

I think on all the lasers, channel 1 (Operations mode) is the primary dimmer (Brightness)

The rest of the channels, do I use Beamshape for all of them?


I've attached what I've done but would really appreciate someone having a look at the file to see if I've done it right.


Cheers all


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It's up to you which parameters you put into each attribute.


However, putting them all into BeamShape will make programming quite slow for you, so I've made a few changes:


Blazar Sapphire 500 / Blazar UV Pink

- I've put HMotion, VMotion, HStretch, VStretch and Rotate into Position. This means there are then only two pages (2 x 3) of parameters in the Beamshape attribute, which will make programming much easier.


Quasar G50

- I've done very similar, putting X/Y/Z Rotate and H/V Motion within the Position attribute, and left the others inside Beamshape.


I hope this is helpful

Lanta (2).ift

Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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