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y axis and offset


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Hi. just got back from gig using a friends fat frog being familier with setting up submasters with basic scenes chases etc

i got a bit annoyed when i set up a forward sweep i ie: scanner beams start at back travel forward and then back and repeat ( y axis )


i found that the beams would go 2 one way 2 the other when i entered the speed option ( offset at zero) also set to Relative mode.

in manual tilt mode all scans set the same ( no reverse tilt or pan )


im assuming there must be a preset that needs altering as my f/frog will do a forward sweep no problem


thanks jesterfish

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HI . thanks for reply i will try that on wed i had noticed that offset was input at 10 % increment and zeroed them before start

also the offset reset itself when trying to reprogramme same effect could this be a preset done with the fixture editor ? although i think this unlikely as

fal 2000 are in the fixture library as a choice so no need to set a custom profile


thanks for your reply. Rich

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