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Leap Frog floppydrive issues


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The venue I work at has a Leapfrog ( the older 24/48 model), it used to work fine until one day it just wouldn't boot past the initial startup screen wich states "Zero88 Leapfrog 2007 and the support URL"

Whatever i tried to do nothing would make the desk fully boot.

The desk even went to Zero88 for a checkup. But as usual wen you visit the doctor the complaint seemed to be gone. I got the desk back without any fixing done.


So when the issue started all over again I investigated the problem myself and found out that something goes wrong on the PC board. For some weird reason the floppydrive gets fried which couses the desk to freeze on the startup hardware check. Installing a new floppydrive solves the problem for about 3 or 4 powerups and then again the floppydrive gets fried.


The reason i know the floppydrive gets fried is that when i put the floppydrive into a PC its dead.


My conclusions in this case are;

1 - The floppydrive gets to much power at startup which couses it to get fried after 3 or 4 powerups

2 - There is something wrong with the external powersupply which couses the desk to fry hardware components.


I hope you have seen an issue like this in the past because I need a fix that works rather than keep spending money on increasingly harder to find floppydrives.



Thanks in advance

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When was the desk last with us to be looked at and do you have the RMA number.


The floppy drive is powered of the 5v rail. The same rail powers the reset of the PCB as well, so if there was any issue with this then I would expect other issue on the PCB not just a floppy drive failure.


When you plug this into to a PC does it detect but refuse to read a disk or does it not detect at all?


Does the desk get left with a disk in all the time and if yes is the desk moved around a lot?


If you could please pm on the address below to contiune with this.

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