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Faders and flash not responding correctly


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Just started as a PA tech in a local school, in the middle of setting up a general wash and discover that several of the flash buttons don't respond. In addition, I have discovered that the faders only start responding at about 8, by then I have very little control over levels. Also, once the faders are up even the smallest vibration through the desk, be it a tap, sometimes even someone walking across the space, the lights all flicker, no matter the level they are set to. The desk we have is a Fat Frog, with no obvious damage besides cosmetic from being around school kids. Any help in the matter is much appriciated.



Update: Ok, found whats happened, but not sure how. The fader settings have been split, so Aa3 (Preset a, set a, fader 3) and Ac3 equal 1 fader, and both flash buttons have to be pressed to work. I am assuming this is what has happened with each fader now as well. Is there an easy was to fix this, or quicker to just master reset the desk? Up until today I didn't think this possible

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Bump as still having the issue. I have tried the Dip switch fix but meant all lanterns responded to the grand master only ie, all coming on at the level of the GM. Putting the desk back at the original settings (all Dips off 000 000) I found a new problem arose in that if B master is at anything other than full, I have no control over them lanterns, but if its at full I go back to the orignal problem of 1 and 13 both having to be used so I can get full control over a single lantern. I'm more than slightly perplexed as to how this has happened, especially the problem 'evolving' as the desk is exactly as I found it first time

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