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Chase Speed and Upgrade


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Hi All


I am using the Solution at work and have something I can't work out. I have been programming chases with our moving heads which works fine but when I want to run a very slow chase say 5 bpm the movers will go to the first step in the chase then wait for a few seconds before the chase continues and repeats. Once it starts its fine and there is no pause.


If I use say the default chase speed of 60 bpm I don't have this problem. This might be how its designed to work, if so is there a work around the issue?


On a slightly different note I did the upgrade to 7.8.2 the other day and had issues with channels 31 to 33 on the fader bank. 31 did nothing at all 32 and 33 worked but then got stuck at 1% when bought back down. Restarting the desk fixes this but it then happens after a little while again. Any idea's?




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Hi Jack,


For the chase issue, please can you send me a showfile, with instructions on how to recreate it using your showfile.


For the fader issue, this might be a problem with the faders themselves. Try going to "Other Windows" in the Output Window, choose "System Info", and then choose "Event Monitor" on the window that appears.


Now, push one of those faders right to the top. You'll see a lot of text appear, and the bottom line should include "New Level 0xFF".


Now, pull that fader right to the bottom. The bottom line should now include "New Level 0x00".


If you see anything other than 0x00 or 0xFF, let us know.



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