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Attribute Brightness on wheels


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I want to create a new fixture type with the Fixture Type Editor and a question arised.


The attribute for the dimmer channel should be set to 'Brighness', right?


But doing so, I see no way to assign that channel to a wheel, because as far as I see, the Fixture Type Editor only allows to assign channels with one of the attrtibutes 'Color', 'Beamshape' or 'Position' to the wheels.


What do I oversee?


Thank in advance,


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Hi Michael,


The brightness attribute is applied automically to the console encoders/wheels dependant on the console model.


For example the old Frog series fixture control had a dedicated BRIGHTNESS attribute for the Dimmer, whereas on the Solution consoles this is included under the POSITION attribute.


Therefore this cannot be set in the Fixture Type Editor.


Hope that helps,


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