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  1. Edward Z88

    Colour behaviour

    Hi @Gerran No problem at all - just let us know if you have any questions. Edward
  2. Edward Z88

    Colour behaviour

    Hi @kgallen You will only encounter this if you are using fixtures with a colour temperature parameter, that has a single continuous colour temperature range. If you are using fixtures without a colour temperature parameter, or you are using fixtures that have a colour temperature parameter with discrete presets, you will not encounter this. The work around is to simply apply the filter twice. This then applies the filter to the first selected fixture's colour temperature parameter. Edward
  3. Hi Simon, Custom desktop layouts is on our roadmap. There are many factors that decide the order of the roadmap, one of which being the votes in this forum thread. Edward
  4. Edward Z88

    Colour behaviour

    Hi @Gerran ZerOS 7.11 software introduced a new Colour Mixing system. Please watch the video below if you'd like to learn more... One of the features of the new colour mixing system, is that ZerOS can now factor in colour temperature parameters. ZerOS will use colour temperature parameters that have a continuous range from one colour temperature value through to another. ZerOS will not use colour temperature parameters that have discrete temperature "presets". According to the fixture's manual, the Colour Temperature parameter allows you to adjust the fixture's light output from 2000K @ 0 to 8000K @ 255. ZerOS will therefore use this parameter when using the various colour mixing tools, including LEE filters. My guess in this situation is that the Infinity fixture's Green LEDs are more intense than ZerOS expects at the low end. After applying the filter, you will therefore need to dial down the level of Green using the encoder wheels to fine-tune the colour. You can then save the custom colour as a colour palette, to quickly recall your shade of red. To confirm, are you using the "Expolite TourLED Pro 28 Zoom"? I am not able to replicate the behaviour you describe in ZerOS 7.13 software. Adjusting the fixture's red and blue encoder wheels, correctly does not affect the fixture's White parameter. When using the onscreen RGB colour faders, these do correctly adjust the fixture's white parameter. Thank you very much for the description of this behaviour. I have been able to replicate this issue, and can see that the colour temperature parameter of the first fixture in the selection occasionally does not change upon applying a filter. This issue is logged as reference number ZOS-11120 on our system, scheduled to be fixed in the next software update. If you wish to control these fixtures in the "legacy" method, with the Colour Temperature parameter not used by the colour mixing, the original versions of these Infinity fixtures can be downloaded from the links below... https://www.zero88.com/fixtures/legacy-library/Legacy library (gft41.0)/INFINITY/TS-260C7 Profile.ift https://www.zero88.com/fixtures/legacy-library/Legacy library (gft41.0)/INFINITY/TF-260C7 Fresnel.ift https://www.zero88.com/fixtures/legacy-library/Legacy library (gft41.0)/INFINITY/TCyc-7 Cyclorama.ift Once downloaded, you can save these files to a USB drive. You can then load each file into the console from the USB drive. You can then patch the loaded files, which will be displayed in red text, rather than using the library fixtures. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  5. Edward Z88

    Colour behaviour

    Hi @Gerran I'll be able to provide a more detailed reply when I’m next in front of my computer, however based on your initial description it sounds like you may be using the fixture from your show file, rather than the fixture from the latest software. If you have loaded in a show file from an earlier software version, ZerOS may use the fixtures from the show file, instead of fixtures from the library. Within the Fixture Schedule, you should see the option to convert/change this fixture, to replace it with the latest version from the library. The colour control should behave as expected. Let us know if you have any questions. Edward
  6. Hi Simon, ^as @kgallen mentions, this would be covered in the customisable desktop layouts. Edward
  7. Salut @jean philippe @van den abbeele Eric a très gentiment traduit le manuel de ZerOS. La traduction française est disponible ici... https://www.zero88.com/storage/downloads/2f885eff-adc0-4525-8859-1803970c6fb5/ZerOS-Français-7.9.9-V-3.51a.pdf Edward Hi @jean philippe @van den abbeele Erichas very kindly translated the ZerOS manual. The French translation is available here... https://www.zero88.com/storage/downloads/2f885eff-adc0-4525-8859-1803970c6fb5/ZerOS-Français-7.9.9-V-3.51a.pdf Edward
  8. Hi Simon, As the Gateway 4 supports LLRP, we have hidden the Reset button away, to try and avoid people using it. If you must reset the Gateway 4, there is a secret hole down the outside of one of the XLR connectors, which a pin can be inserted into to reach the reset button. If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  9. Hi Simon, Really pleased to hear you now have a Gateway 4. For information on configuring Gateway 4, please see the link below... https://www.zero88.com/manuals/gateway4/configuration-2 For information on configuring Gateway 4 from FLX, please see the link below... https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/devices/art-net-devices Let me know if you have any questions. Edward
  10. Hi Ian, Glad you were able to use a different USB drive. Is the Corsair drive in a different format? Really pleased to hear it! Let us know if there’s anything else you need. Edward
  11. Hi @Ian_p If you tap SETUP -> Save, under "Device" you should see a removable device. If you see <No Destination Devices>, please tap Refresh. If your device then appears, you should be able to choose Load, and see the files on your drive. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  12. If the only reason for looking at a Solution console is the separate Channel and Playback faders, it might be worth taking a look at the ZerOS Wing instead... https://www.zero88.com/control/wing This can then be plugged into your FLX S console via USB. ZerOS Wing will not increase the number of Channels or Playbacks your console can control, but would allow you to set the ZerOS Wing faders to Channels, and the console faders to Playbacks for example, to access both at the same time. For more information on ZerOS Wing, please see the link below... https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/zeros-wing Hope this helps. Edward
  13. Hi Simon, Yes - that is correct. Currently, that show file I sent only includes RDM information for the modes the fixtures were discovered in. It does not know about the fixture's other modes. This means you will not be able to remotely change the fixture's modes to something else. For optimum results, ZerOS needs to have each of the fixture's modes in the library with RDM information. If you contact Chauvet support, they may be able to list the "RDM Personality IDs" for each mode of these fixtures. This information can then be added to fixture files and sent to you for you to load in. Edward
  14. Hi David, Capture is pretty good at detecting incoming DMX data. There is not a certain order you need to start Capture and the console in. If you're having difficulty, there are a few things to try: Firstly, ensure Capture PLUS Capture Presentations have the necessary permissions to communicate through the Windows Firewall. You should have received this option upon running Capture for the first time. Secondly, you can force Capture to listen to a particular network interface. To do this go to Window -> Universes -> More -> Connectivity Options. In here, you can double click on the IP Address field for the protocol you are using, and force Capture to listen to a network interface, such as your Ethernet or Wi-Fi, rather than automatically detecting. Thirdly, if you have anti-virus software installed, either temporarily disable it, or try to stop the anti-virus software from analysing Capture communications. I have personally never had a problem with Windows Security anti-virus preventing communication with Capture. If this still isn't helping, please let me know, and we can investigate further. Edward
  15. OK fair enough, I'll take the blame for your frustrations The Capture team are great, so if you have any specific "how-to" questions, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help. Edward
  16. Haha! There are other visualisation packages out there if Capture doesn't fit your way of working, however there aren't any I know well enough to be able to suggest at a similar price-point. Edward
  17. Hi Kevin, Yes - for our recent Trade Shows, I have created a "Trailer Stage" visualisation project from scratch, which uses a fully VL rig... Edward
  18. Hi Kevin, As you may know, personally I get on really well with Capture. In case you haven't come across it, a playlist of Capture 2019 tutorials is available here... https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPyD1ylvBYvTTP8iSw9Ws7zbOTL3Ec79K No problem at all! Edward
  19. Hi Kevin, Good question. It is not possible to have multiple movement effects running on the same fixture at once. This is because movement effects cannot be layered - you will find if you choose a new movement effect, it stops the previous movement effect. However, the behaviour you describe is correct when layering a movement effect with a colour effect for example. However, if you want your Horizontal Line, but with a bit of depth, you could have a play with the Effect "Rotation" parameter. A Horizontal Line effect with a 90 degree rotation, would give you a Vertical Line effect. Therefore, if you run a Horizontal Line effect, with say 20 degrees of rotation, this would give you a touch of tilt movement too. If you want to play with this without fixtures connected, fixtures 1 Thru 10 in the demo Capture file are rigged on an upstage bar from Stage Right to Stage Left. These may therefore be useful to play with... https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/networking/connecting-to-capture I returned from PLASA yesterday evening, so back to business as usual! If you have any questions, just let me know. Edward
  20. Hi @Ian_p On FLX consoles, there are actually two different Tracking Options. It is important to understand which tracking option you are referring to. One set of Tracking Options live in the Record Options. Within the Record Options, you will see "Track Forwards", "Track Backwards", "Track Both" & "Cue Only". To access the Record Options on the internal touchscreen, press and hold RECORD until the Record Options appear. These options can be changed whilst programming cues, to allow you to choose whether a new cue tracks into subsequent cues or not. The other set of Tracking Options can be found in Setup -> Settings -> Record & Update. This allows you to Enable the Tracking Options, or force the console into global Cue Only mode. The default option is "Enabled". This allows you to use the Record Options window as described above, to choose your tracking option, such as Cue Only. As @kgallen warns, changing this option within Setup -> Settings -> Record & Update mid-show could change the behaviour of existing cues, and affect Move On Dark functionality. Therefore, the first question is, what Tracking Option are you asking about? Existing cues will not be affected by changing the Record Options. Existing cues may be affected by changing the global Tracking mode in Setup. "Track Forwards" allows your changes to be sent down the cue stack, until a cue where your fixtures are given a new instruction. This means you can go into a cue, make changes, update it with tracking, and the changes will track down the cue stack. You can then work through your cues, and if necessary, go into a cue that is being tracked into, "undo" the changes so the cue looks how you had it, and update the cue with tracking again. Tracking is a programming tool. It is not a playback tool. Therefore, the Tracking Option is used at the point of recording to choose the record behaviour. Changing the Tracking Option within the Record Options whilst running through cues, will make no changes whatsoever to the information included in the cues. If you want to go in-depth on tracking, please watch the dedicated Tracking video below... To find out more about the Record Options, please watch the video below... I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  21. Hi @kgallen Yes - the easiest way to do this would be to use Effect 20 [Horiz. line]. Firstly, position the fixtures where you want them. The Tilt value will not be affected by the Horizontal Line effect. The Pan value will be used as the midpoint for the Horizontal Line effect. If the fixtures have Zoom, you may want to get this set now, to help you work out how much offset you'll need to achieve the "knock on" effect. Then apply Effect 20. It will begin to run with its "automatic offset". Then, set the Size of the effect, to define how wide the fixtures swing. You can then set the Speed. Once set, you can then fine-tune the Offset. You will probably find that the "Forward Offset" and "Backward Offset" buttons give too much of an Offset for the effect you are after. If so, you can tap "No Offset", then hold SHIFT and dial Offset until you start to get the offset you're after. Once you have tweaked the Speed, Size and Offset, tap RECORD, and tap an empty effect palette. Don't forget - by default the effect palette will not include the fixture's positions. I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on. Edward
  22. Hi Simon, PLASA has been really good thank you. Thanks very much for attaching your show file. This show file confirms that the Chauvet fixtures are not reporting parameter descriptions over RDM. ZerOS therefore has no way of knowing what each channel does. Each channel is therefore listed under the "Beam" attribute, simply as "Channel 1" "Channel 2" etc. You will be able to control the fixtures using the "Channel" parameters under Beam, but this will not tell you which parameter does what! Please find the updated show file attached... RDM Test Z88Edit.zos I have taken the RDM information from the detected fixtures in your show file, and added this information to the latest versions of these fixtures from the library. I have then converted the fixtures in your show file to use the updated versions. Please try this, and let me know how you get on. If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  23. Hi Simon, Thank you for attaching your show file. What I suspect has happened here, is ZerOS has looked at the RDM information of the detected fixtures, but hasn’t been able to find a fixture in the library with matching information. It has then built a basic fixture personality based on the information it can obtain over RDM. This is most likely because the fixture manufacturers haven’t included the RDM information in their manuals, and so we haven’t included this in the library. I am at PLASA Show for the next few days, but will take a look at your show file when I’m next in front of my laptop, which should allow me to view the RDM data of the detected fixtures. I’ll then be able to add this to the fixtures in the library, allowing ZerOS to patch the fixtures from the library, rather than creating a simple fixture personality. If you have any questions, please let me know. Edward
  24. Edward Z88


    Hi Simon, When RigSync is enabled, it will continuously scan for new fixtures. Please ensure that RigSync is enabled globally, and also ensure that it is enabled on the DMX Output you are using. To do this, tap SETUP -> Universes, and scroll down to the Desk Universe that your DMX Output is sending. Within that Desk Universe, you can ensure that RigSync is enabled for the DMX Output. If RDM is enabled on the Transcension gateway, try plugging the Swisson splitter into one of the Transcenion's outputs. What does the Swisson indicator LED display? Edward
  25. Dear All, We have now scheduled our online FLX range console training sessions through to the end of the year. For a list of sessions, dates & times, and also to register, head to the training page below… https://zero88.com/training#eventdates Edward
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