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Fixture editor 3 wheel groups


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Hi guys, I have been recreating my fixture profiles to make them a bit more streamlined and remove unwanted functionality.

All is now working well, however I have noticed that regardless of what order I set the wheels, my Leapfrog 48 just sets them the way it wants to.

For example, if I want red/green/blue on colour set 1 and blank/blank/white on colour set 2, it always puts white on set 1 first wheel.

I'm running 7.9.7 with editor 2.6.

Any ideas guys?


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ZerOS does not use the customised wheel groups defined in the Fixture Editor. These are used by legacy consoles. 

The order ZerOS consoles will display the parameters on the encoder wheels, is the order the parameters are listed in the Fixture Editor. To move a parameter to the end of an attribute, change the parameter to a different attribute, and then back again.

If you wish to have your “White” parameter on the third encoder wheel, you would need to create a pair of dummy parameters, that would sit on encoders 1 and 2 of the second encoder page.

When creating fixture files, we tend to only ever list parameters in the order of DMX address, unless there are odd cases where two related parameters are not next to each other, such as a function, and the function’s speed, or a function, and the function’s rotation. 

If you have any questions let me know.


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