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TLxtra submaster issue

chris adam

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Hi all, 

I'm having an issue with the submitter fader section on a TLxtra. With the internal dip switches set as they should be (1 off, 2 on, 3 off), I am getting no LCD, but the lights on the flash buttons are lit. In test mode, I am not seeing any response from either the buttons or the faders. 

I've checked the ribbon cables are seated properly and have reset the console to factory settings, but no luck. Any suggestions? 

I've just updated the console to 4.1 software. could that be a potential issue? I assume not as that software is pretty old now, so likely fully debugged? but worth another flash of the software? 





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Hi Chris,

Checked on this and the switch setting on this PCB should all be in the off position on that PCB.

I am unaware of of any issue with 4.1 in regard to LCD stopping working but if you have carried out an update from a much older version of the firmware this has added a LCD calibration function into setup to compensate to changes to the LCD's.

There are two options a high or low try changing between the two and see if this brings the display back on.



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Thanks for that. I've now set the dip switches to all off and have changed the LCD bias to high which has given me the LCDs back on, but I now have no LEDs on the flash buttons, and no control over that board. 

I can record subs to the Multi function buttons, but cant to the subs with faders. 

I'm getting "sub10" constantly registering a level when in test mode, so I'm assume I have an issue there or on a ribbon cable. No obvious damage, but seems to potentially be that. Only fader 6 resisters any change when in test mode. The rest do nothing. 


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