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The show does indeed go on...

Jon Hole

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A special update from David, our General Manager:
The show does indeed go on...
A year ago, back in early March 2020 when we were acquired by Signify, no one could have envisaged the year that would follow. That said, the Zero 88 business survived, even prospered, through all that a global pandemic could throw at us. It reminds us that the one thing we can always count on is the continual cycle of challenge, change and renewal that affects us all.
From May 2021 onwards, Zero 88 will take its place alongside Vari-Lite and Strand to deliver an entertainment focused, ‘greater together’ portfolio of lighting brands. This is also the moment for me to embrace change as I take my leave of Zero 88 from July, to continue my career with Signify’s “Systems & Services” business unit – covering project-based architectural lighting and controls, which includes iLight. Going forwards, Zero 88 commercial leadership in Europe and Asia will be passed onward to Grant Bales-Smith. Many of you will remember Grant from his previous roles within Zero 88 and I wish him continued success.
With this in mind: I want to commend an important message to you - the many friends, customers, and colleagues I have known and worked with since I first wandered into the Zero 88 offices back in 1985….and it is this:
We are all familiar with ‘The 4 Ps of Marketing’ - Product, Price, Place and Promotion... but the many intervening years have taught me that this is 2 Ps short on the truth - which adds ‘People’ and ‘Passion’ into the mix. I am truly humbled to have worked with many great people over the years, some of whom are now no longer with us, but all of them carrying the greatest of these assets - their passion for our industry.
So, whilst I move on - the good news is that all the passionate people working tirelessly for the Zero 88 brand will carry their enthusiasm and hard work with them into Signify’s entertainment family – so you'll still be working with all the same Zero 88 people you already know and trust.
And, as a bonus - you’ll all be relieved to know that this will be my last Zero 88 General Manager’s message.
THANK YOU – every one of you.
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