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Guest Ian Wickens (CUDOS)

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Guest Ian Wickens (CUDOS)

My Society (CUDOS) has a Fat Frog lighting desk. At the back of the desk is a video output socket (aka PC monitor and marked VIDEO). I have a coulor VGA monitor that interfaces with this socket. The Fat Frog Users Manual makes no reference to the video socket.



1. How do I make it work?

2. What will it give me?

3. Do I need a video driver?

4. If so how do I load it?


Your response is eagerly awaited and much appreciated.



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If you don't get any video output, you should check the version of software you are using.


Go into 'Super User' (see manual for details) and select 'Desk Information' you will see the software version.


If you have an early software version, (i.e before V4) then you will need to upgrade your software. If this is the case, please let us know your Serial number and we can check that you don't need any other modifications.

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Guest Dave Brolly

Ian has asked me to supply these details,


Our software is release 2.0, Fixture release 5.0, version e402 (June2001), desk serial No. 0073301 xxxxxxxx


Can we use our vidieo output without modification, If not what do we need.


Moderation: serial number removed.

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Dear Sir,


You have the old version of software that did not support the VGA hardware.

All you need to do is upgrade the desk with the latest version of the operating system and the VGA will be initalised.

The easiest thing to do is e-mail me directly, and I will send you the software plus upgrade instructions. I can also send a manual that will describe the new features.

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