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Hi @markhindle

40 minutes ago, markhindle said:

I have some chauvet colorado 1quad zoom fixtures which have a centre pixel and an outer group.  I cant seem to be able to control the centre pixel independently from the rest.

Firstly, please could you confirm the software version running on your console? To find the software version currently running on the console, tap the Z/Shift button, and from the touchscreen choose "System Information". In the window that opens, will be a line of text displaying the "Software Version".

This fixture is a "multicell" fixture, as it has two different light outputs that can be controlled separately. Multicell fixture support was introduced in ZerOS 7.10 software. The latest software is ZerOS 7.11.

If you are running either of these versions, you will be able to hold the Z/Shift button, and then tap on the fixture's select button below its channel fader. In the Output window, you will see this has selected the first pixel to allow you to control it. You will then be able to use the fixture control tabs along the top of the touchscreen to control just this pixel. Hold Z/Shift and tap the fixture's button again to select the next pixel. You can then double tap the fixture's button to select the whole fixture again.

Please watch the video below for more information on multicell fixture control...

I hope this helps.


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