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Parts for Sirius 24


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Hi guys,

A customer of mine just brought me a Sirius 24 for attention.  It had been in storage for years and was in a complete mess. Battery had leaked all over the CPU board and had badly corroded many tracks. I have, however managed to fix it. Long job but this is still a useful desk. It has the MIDI board fitted and most of it works fine now. 

I do have a couple of issues but this involves parts rather than more fault finding.  Before disassemble the desk further I wanted to ask about the flash buttons. I have a few that don't work. It's a real pain to take the whole thing apart so can anyone tell me if it's possible to disassemble and clean the buttons inside - or do I have to replace them? 

If I have to replace them, are they available anywhere?

I need two of the 4415000 faders as the ones on channels 1 and 2 are broken. Looks like the desk took a knock at some point.

I also need one fader knob with a red line.

Are these parts available direct from Zero88 or does anyone know of a supplier that can supply this lot?

Please advise.


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@GaztechI have some of those faders in stock along with the fader caps and I have flash buttons for salvage on a Lightmaster & Sirius (though to be honest I've never tried to clean one internally) - I suspect that first 'try' would be to remove the cap, push the activator down & a quick squirt of Servisol might do the job.

If you want to eMail me ian@serviceguy.co.uk then we can sort something between us,



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