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New ZerOS 7.11 update brings new color selection features

Thursday 7th April, 2022

ZerOS 7.11 brings over 30 features, enhancements and bug fixes including major improvements to color selection. An all-new color mixing algorithm in ZerOS 7.11 makes it easier to use Vari-Lite, Strand, and third-party multichromatic fixtures.

Flx Zeros 7 11 Screen On Flx 1200x630px Rgb 96dpi

The software now supports over 20 color emitters, along with color temperature parameters and the HSI color space. For fixtures with CTO control, the new color temp fader allows a picked color to be “warmed up” or “cooled down” independently of the selected color.

Jon Hole, Global Product Manager, Strand and Zero 88 Controls and Systems at Signify

For easier color selection, the LEE, Rosco and Apollo libraries and the list of Mood Boards by LEE Filters have all been updated, and a GamColor library has been added. 

To make it easier to find and create fixture profiles, the “Add Fixtures” section now includes a parameter list for the selected fixture in the selected mode. The “Add Filter” feature allows fixtures with equivalent DMX maps to be found within the extensive ZerOS Library by defining the number of DMX Channels and assigning specific parameters to specific channels. Fixtures can then be exported with a new manufacturer, model, and mode. This can be useful to find an equivalent to a missing fixture and then export it with a new name.


ZerOS Software

Date of issue: 7th April 2022.

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Vari-Lite, Strand, and Zero 88
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