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New product launch

The new FLX lighting console arriving soon

Monday 16th March, 2015

FLX creates more time to be imaginative, inventive and efficient.

Flx Teaser Image

FLX creates more time to be imaginative, inventive and efficient.        

It’s clean, straightforward, intuitive User Interface offers tools like Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes to take care of all the prep work, so LDs and operators can be free to work faster and more harmoniously.

Straightforward three-step programming – What, How and Where - you want it… streamlines time and the operational process.

True Colours - Even when working with fixtures that colour mix using different methods, the software will work everything out so all the fixtures respond correctly and accordingly.      

The Simple yet sophisticated philosophy of FLX enables operators of all backgrounds and experience levels to feel instantly comfortable, due to familiar industry standard syntax and intuitive fader-per-channel intensity control.

Please watch this space ….. and in the meantime check out the video at  

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