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Every day, all around the world, productions depend on Zero 88 to meet their specialist needs.

We love helping you achieve #WhatMatters most - creating experiences & delighting audiences. Show us #WhatMatters to you by capturing those moments through photography.

That's no mean feat - so we want to award your efforts! Take a photo where our products are used, email and you could receive a £50 Amazon voucher or 1 Universe ZerOS Upgrade (currently worth £250)!

You can submit any photo of any environment, but we're looking for high quality, crisp and exciting photos that display #WhatMatters in the wide range of applications where Zero 88 products are used.

Current 2019 Competition Winners

Chris Wemyss

Mark Peach

Jake Childe

'Double Up' Winner

Declan O'Sullivan

Lighting Designer: Declan O’Sullivan
Into the Woods
Photographer: Eamon B. Shanahan

Christoph Brunkow

James Smith

Mark Peach

'Double Up' Winner

Mac McKie

Lighting Designer: Mac McKie
Venue: Liverpool Philharmonic Rooms
Production: Genesis Visible Touch
Photographer: David James Wilson

Declan O'Sullivan

Mac McKie

Christoph Brunkow

'Double up' winner

James Smith

Lighting Designer: James Smith
Venue: University of Northampton
Production: Trial Lighting
Photographer: James Smith

Frequently asked questions

Any photography tips on how to be chosen?
Sure! There’s no specific requirements related to file size or camera/smartphone, but we're on the lookout for something incredible! Get crawling through those portfolios and choose your very best. High quality photographs of beautiful lighting designs or unique venues are more likely to be selected than a selfie with your Zero 88 console!

Where will my submission be used?
Some images will be used as promotional material specifically connected to this photo entry, for example on or Instagram. Submissions that receive an award may be used in any promotional material for any use, at any time.

Terms & conditions

This agreement, covering the Zero 88 ‘Show Us What Matters’ photo entry, is between Eaton Electrical Systems (t/a Eaton Lighting Systems), a Limited Company, (“Eaton”) and any individual who submits any kind of image and/or photograph by email to, (“Submitter”). 

The parties agree as follows:

“Submission(s)” mean any and/or all image(s) and/or photograph(s) of any kind submitted to “Submitting” mean the process of a Submitter making a Submission. There is no limitation to the number of Submissions entered by a single Submitter.
“Categories” mean the following list of applications: Architectural & Commercial, Corporate Events, Broadcasting, Performing Arts, Concert & Touring, Attractions, Educational, Worship, Rental and Multipurpose Venues.

By Submitting, the Submitter enters this agreement with Eaton. The Submitter may, with or without cause, notify Eaton within 48 hours of Submission, in writing, to withdraw their Submission and terminate this agreement. During this 48-hour period, Eaton shall not use the Submission for any purpose.

Submitters must be aged 18 years or over, be residents of any territory with authorised distribution of Zero 88 products, as listed on and not be employees of Eaton, their families or anyone else associated with this photo entry.

Submission requirements
Submissions must show an environment (production, venue, event etc) where products by Eaton Lighting Systems are currently used. Reasonable proof of this might be requested. Submissions must not contain any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, or profane content. 

Contact & communication
The Submitter agrees that Eaton may contact them via email, phone or any other communication. Eaton’s “Data Protection and Privacy Notice” can be viewed at

Copyright & permissions
It is the responsibility of the Submitter to ensure that any Submission has been taken with the permission of the subject(s) and do not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws. Submitters must warrant that they own the copyright for their Submission, or have express permission from the copyright holder to submit the photo. Copyright in all Submissions remains with the respective copyright holder. 

By Submitting, each Submitter grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Eaton to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of Eaton’s promotional material (digital, social or print) connected to this photo entry.
The Submitter agrees Eaton may select their Submission and provide the Submitter with an award (as described below). By accepting this award, the Submitter grants a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Eaton to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of Eaton’s promotional material (digital, social or print) for any use, at any time. The Submitter agrees that Eaton might make minor changes to Submissions such as, but not limited to, changes in contrast, brightness, mirroring and cropping.

The Submitter agrees for Eaton to use all reasonable third party marketing tools (digital, social and print) such as, but not limited to, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, print & digital magazines, news articles and slide show presentations, to display all elements of a Submission.

There is no limit to how many Submissions will be chosen for an award, or how many times a single Submitter may be selected. Each Submission may only be chosen once for an award. Eaton’s decisions on all matters relating to the eligibility of Submissions and awards given shall be final.
Submitters chosen for an award may choose to receive either an Amazon eGift Voucher or a 1 Universe ZerOS Upgrade.
If choosing an Amazon eGift Voucher, the Submitter shall inform Eaton of which eGift option they would like to receive from the following list: $65USD for, £50GBP for, $90AUD for, ₹4500INR for, ¥7000JPY for, €55EUR for, €55EUR for, €55EUR for, €55EUR for, ¥450CNY for or $85CAD for Amazon eGift Voucher are not transferable between Amazon Online Stores.
If choosing a 1 Universe ZerOS Upgrade, the Submitter shall be asked for the Serial Number and Current Universe Licence of their console. This console exclusively will receive an additional 1 Universe ZerOS Upgrade which is not transferable, refundable or tradable for cash. The Submitter is responsible for ensuring the correct Serial Number and Current Universe Licence of their console is provided.

Introductory competition
All Submissions received between 1st March 2019 (00:01 GMT) and 31st March 2019 (23:59 GMT) inclusive will be entered into an “Introductory Competition”. A single Submission will be selected as the winner per each of the 10 Categories. The Submitter can provide the Category or Categories the Submission should be entered into, however Eaton reserve the right to enter any Submission into an alternative Category or Categories as it sees fit. Eaton reserve the right not to select a winner for a Category in the event there are less than 10 submissions relevant to that Category.
Submitters of the winning Submissions can choose between the same Awards as described above, however the value of the Amazon eGift Voucher will be doubled. Should an Awarded Submission then also be chosen as the winner of a category, a second, equal value, Amazon eGift Voucher will be awarded to the Submitter. If the Submitter previously chose the 1 Universe ZerOS Upgrade, no additional award will be provided.
Winners shall be selected by 30th April 2019 at the latest, however shall only be publicised once the Submitters of each winner have been contacted. Winners shall be requested to provide relevant information and/or documentation regarding their Submission such as, but not limited to, proof of ownership (or permission), proof that Eaton Lighting System products were in use, name, social media handles, websites, location, photographer, lighting design, production, venue etc.
In the event where a winning Submitter fails to respond to communication with 14 days, Eaton reserve the right to either select an alternative Submission as the winner for that Category, or choose for there to be no winner for that category.
Eaton’s decisions on all matters relating to the Introductory Competition shall be final.

The Submitter agrees to indemnify Eaton and all their affiliates from any and all third party claims arising from the Submission and/or any part of the entirety of the Photo Entry.

Eaton, any of their affiliates, the Photo Entry, the Introductory Competition, are in no way endorsed by, or affiliates of, any third party companies mentioned above such as, but not limited to, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.