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Found 20 results

  1. So it's Panto time and I'm back on the Solution desk after 12 months off, freshly upgraded to 7.9.3, and trying to decipher my notes from the training day at Cwmbran. Questions likely to be coming from every rehearsal, starting with... How do I play in a sub-playback while I'm running a master playback? The Master fader must be up for master playback but down for sub-playback. Thanks in advance & Merry Christmas to all on here. Simon
  2. Hello ! We bought a ZERO88 solution but we only have English manual. Is there a french manual for this console ? Thank for helping and sorry for my english Laurent
  3. Just been playing around and testing new ZerOS 7.9.2. using PhantomZerOS, prior rolling out to my Solution. It all seems quite stable so far, apart from a number of small niggles (perhaps inevitable with a major update such as this!). Again, just using PhantomZerOS at the moment, not tested yet on desk. Here is a list of the minor stuff found: Name button does not work with Macros; there does not appear to be any way to rename Macro palette items To be consistent with other buttons (RECORD, DELETE, LOAD), I would expect the MFK number keypad should appear when NAME is clicked. MFK number keypad DOES appear when LOAD is clicked, but disappears after first keypress! SPECIAL PAGE 2 can be used or separate keyboard as a workaround. Feature request: RECORD and UPDATE options screen could do with OK and Cancel buttons (or similar) to save moving from screen to desk. Maybe indicate cue to be recorded within button text e.g. RECORD NEW if no number entered, RECORD <X> if a cue number X is keyed In cue settings, there seems to be undocumented "CLEANUP" options (note this is same as FLX). Is this future feature expansion - looks for all the world like multipart cue and/or complex fade times....! Not possible to set Chase Time to zero BPM; manual implies that this allows fade times to be used as Chase timings, but currently 1 BPM is smallest time allowed. Chase options in playback settings do not appear to be 'live', so when settings are changed they can only be viewed by Okaying the screen. Is it possible for changes to be live as they were in older ZerOS versions (on the Solution) The "Programme Time" Fader function does not appear to change the programme time. All in all pleased to have new playbacks features and improved colour picker. EDIT: added "programme time" fader issue
  4. Hi I am an occasional touring user of the Solution and hit a snag with some LED PARS and profiles. These were changing colour in zero time, whilst changing intensity at the required rate. Obviously when they went to black between cues, no problem because they changed when dark. As far as I can tell this time could be set up in the desk parameters, although it is not obvious which one. However having found the problem, sorting it out by editing is something that I could not do, although I am sure that there is a way. Can anyone enlighten? Thanks.
  5. Hello Zero88. It would be fantastic if you could implement the possibility of using the submasters by the MSC. That would make many things easier. My second idea and wish is to have the possibilty to assign the submaster flashbutton to a "BMP Button". You could use the Step Button for this, but sometimes we work with different speeds. Best regards Leon Reucher
  6. Hi! I recently bought a Solution desk. It worked fine for a while but now there's a problem. I can't no longer get the USB stick to work. The keyboard and mouse works just fine but neither the Zero88 USB stick or a Sandisk memory work at all any longer.. Somebody got any clue? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've just updated my Solution to 7.8.2. loaded fine. when completed I was in desk set up menu I got an error message about "Watchdog" or something (I didn't have anything to hand to write it down) but attached is the saved Debug file. I restarted the desk and everything seems fine and working. Just wanted to make sure it's nothing too important? Thanks, S debug_26-5-2015_11-14-58.zdb.zip
  8. Hi Anyone, Help! Maybe im looking over something here but... I am using a solution 48 and having issues with updating a memory. Basically my problem is that i have a memory that is used as a cue stack with static and effects(ie figure 8). I want my second cue to have a different gobo or color from the one i initially programmed. How can i update this without it completely overwriting the previous cue? I hit update when im running the memory but it erases the previous program within that memory. I hope im explaining it correctly.
  9. ZerOS Days @ Fischer in Bremen - Germany - 05.05. ORB Serie Produktschulung (10:00-16:00 Uhr) - 06.05. Solution Serie Produktschulung (10:00-16:00 Uhr) Anmeldung: http://www.fischer-online.de/cms/files/Anmeldung_ZerOs-Days_V2.pdf
  10. Zero 88 Solution Series Product Training in Germany Our next free product training will take place on Tuesday 8th April (10:00-16:00) at Musikhaus Thomann in Treppendorf/Burgebrach. If you like to attend please contact Franck (FranckTiesing@eaton.com). Zero 88 Solution Serie Produktschulungen in Deutschland Der nächste kostenlose Workshop findet am 08. April (10:00-16:00) beim Musikhaus Thomann in Treppendorf/Burgebrach statt. Für eine Teilnahme bitte Mail an Franck (FranckTiesing@eaton.com).
  11. How do I release a ML fixture in a memory? Im using the playback function.
  12. Hi there, is there a text list of all the fixtures from the library (Solution) or more helpful, what lasers can the Solution control (that are on the basic fixture list)- without me rather slowly going throughout the list on the desk.... Cheers, S
  13. Hi everybody, for some time, we use the Zero88 Solution and all work quit fine. So I read the manual and looked at the programming of macros. The standard ideas like "lamp off" "lamp on" are very usefull. So i want to ask the community and programmer of ZerOs in witch way they use macros for their show. so far... WuGGu
  14. Hi, I am currently trying to record a macro that will press the flash button (set as a go button), this works fine but my question/problem is can the macro be set to press the sub master on a set page, so if I am on sub master page one I would like the macro go to page 3 and press flash button for sub 3 (Sub 3/3) In addition if I set the desk to be able to record a page containing 30 subs how can I record a macro to press the flash button for sub 20 (I am on the solution desk not the solution XL desk) many thanks Derek
  15. Hello, i`m Willi from South Germany. I got a solution yesterday without anything. I`m new in this console and my english is not so good. I need a german manual for the solution 48. I take all in german, maybe in english too. Thanks for helping. vivo go
  16. Am Dienstag nächster Woche (24. September) findet bei Musikhaus Thomann für Anwender und Interessenten eine Produktschulung für die Zero 88 Solution Serie statt. Beginn ist um 13:00 Uhr, Dauer ca. 4 Stunden. Die Produktschulung ist kostenfrei. Teilnehmerplätze sind limitiert. Musikhaus Thomann bittet um eine kurze formlose Anmeldung unter Angabe des Namens per E-Mail an workshop@thomann.de (Betreff: Workshop Zero 88).
  17. Hi, Having taken delivery of our new SOLUTION desk, (very nice, thank you), has anyone had any success writing a fixture type for the STAGG HB10 or SHOWCASE TECHNOLOGIES ST0701? They (2) work fine with our aging Fat Frog, but the SOLUTION doesn't show any interest in them at all?
  18. Zero 88 support for the Edinburgh Festival has begun! Our support line is +44 (0)7734 736690 We are based at Universal Quidem in the New Town Theatre, 96 George street (EH2 3DH - Venue 7) We'll be running training sessions and drop in sessions on Jester Series, Solution Series and ORB Series consoles and are also available for on-site help and training - give us a call or send us a message if we can help in any way. zero88.com/edinburgh
  19. Zero 88 Distributor LX SUPPLY NORGE will host the 2013 Zero 88 Demo Days at the Rådhusteatret Ski in Norway (6th & 7th August). Contact details: http://www.lxs.no/#!kontakt/crdp
  20. Z-Day @ Focon 15.05.2012 Am 15.05.2012 findet bei Focon in Lotte/Osnabrück der Z-Day statt, bei dem die ZerOS Konsolenserien ORB und Solution geschult werden. Termin: Dienstag 15. Mai 2012 (10:00-17:00 Uhr) Für eine Teilnahme bitte kurz eine E-Mail and Jens Ottenhus (ottenhus@focon-showtechnic.com) oder Franck Tiesing (franck@orbdesk.com). Die Teilnahme an der Schulung ist kostenlos, allerdings sind die Plätze begrenzt. Beste Grüße, Jens & Franck
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