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Chases... what is full or partial mode?


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I'm currently trying to program chases on the Fat Frog, resulting in some confusion and the forum 'how do i' has been of help. (thanks)


However, :?


Can you please explain what full and partial modes are and what makes them different?

Also how do you change from one to the other?



any info would be appricated




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In Full Mode whenever you program a memory (scene or chase) or a submaster EVERY GENERIC CHANNEL AND FIXTURE CHANNEL will be recorded and consequently output when the memory is output or the submaster is raised.


In Partial Mode, only those fixtures tagged will be recorded and output when the memory is output or the submaster raised.


Personally I would recommend Partial Mode as it is far more flexible and allows you to program submasters that can just affect colour, beam or position of certain fixtures, without changing the outputs of untagged fixtures.


You should decide which Program Mode you wish to use and set it to that mode before programming your memories and submasters.


Program Mode is set in Desk Setup in Super User.


See the following sections in the Frog Series Operating Manual:


Memories - Full and Partial (Page 4-4)

Submasters - Full and Partial (Page 5-3)

Desk Setup - Program Mode (Page 6-9)

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Tagging is used in Partial Mode and determines what fixture LTP parameters are actually recorded into a memory or submaster data.


Note - dimmer/generic channels and fixture brightness/intensity channels are ALWAYS RECORDED, so if you don't wish them to appear on the outputs when playing back the memory or submaster, ensure they are at zero when you press the PROGRAM button.


If a fixture parameter (colour, beamshape, position) is tagged it will be recorded, if it is not tagged it won't.


Probably most obvious on submaster data where you only want say a number of fixtures to change colour, or gobo, or simply move from one position to another. Only tag the parameters you wish to record.

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