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Fade Time for palettes


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Hi folks,


again I had to do with the palettes of my FatFrog desk this

weekend. As I love to work with the palette function, I

thought it would be very good to play back a palette with

a certain fade time (...especially the position palettes).

So here my proposal:

As it is the main element for manually selecting a fade time

between presets A and B, wouldn't it be possible to take

the actual time value of this fade time selector as fadeover

time for the following palette that is played back?

I think the most important palettes are the position palettes.

For beamshape and colour, it does not make so much sense,

I think.






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The ability to output palettes with fade times has been mentioned before and is recorded in our database together with numerous other features to be reviewed for possible inclusion in future upgrades.


Use of the Crossfade control on the front panel is certainly one possibility of determining the fade time for the palette :)


Frog Reference No 5354 - Fade Times for Palettes.

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  • 8 months later...

Is it possible to add an extra useful feature to the desk?


Here it comes:

Could it be made possible when you go from position-pallet #1 to #2 that you can add a time that it needs to go from #1 to #2



fixtures are focused in the stage center on pallet#1, and now you want to go to pallet#2 where the fixtures cover the whole stage. AND this transfer has to take 5 seconds.


What i suggest is that when you go to pallet#2 press and hold position and then press a function key(f1-f4) so that you can adjust the transfer time on the LCD display with the +/- buttons, and then press position pallet#2.


Is this a useful feature or not? :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

Den Pipo

Pro Light Design

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The position palette with a fade time that will let you override it would be the greatest thing ever!!!!!! I have to do a lot of my show on the fly so I would love to be able to move the positions on the fly. To be able to slow it down or speed it up with the override would be awesome!! I do it with the memories all night long.

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  • 3 weeks later...

would it be possible to make the pallets fade over a certain time? This would greatly enhance the use of the frog for bands. It is, from what i've seen and experienced, one of the reasons the pearl2000 is so popular for use in bands. You might be able to make the pallets take their fade time from the a and b preset crossfade timer.?


More enhancement for bands use would be to be able to split the effects on movement, and the pan/tilt position itself. This way your could redirect a movement already playing by moving it's base point.


I know there was a discussion already about splitting the colour, beam and position into their different attributes. But being able to split to movements and effects would be most useful i think.

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Does a palette relate only to the fixture that was used to program the palette or can it be applied to any fixture (most sensibly one of the same type as was used to set it up)?


I'm a bit confused by the Fixture Output screen in this respect.


(Full mode, 10.4.1, FatFrog, Fixture 1,2 set as MAC600.)


Program a colour palette P01 as 'red' with C:M:Y as 0:255:255 with Fixture 1 selected. Fixture Output screen as expected.


Select Fixture 2 only. Select colour palette P01 and Wheel LCD says P01:P01:P01 as expected. However Fixture Output screen on monitor still says 0:0:0 when I expected it to fade to 0:255:255 (i.e. Fixture 2 assumes the colour programmed in Palette P01).


No idea what a real fixture would do as I don't have any attached :-(


Am I misunderstanding palettes or is the Fixture Output screen incorrect?




OK, so I found this post in the Forum:


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When you program a palette, you need to set up colour/beamshape/position for every fixture you want to program in that palette, and in partial mode, make sure they are tagged (yellow LEDs flashing). Selection has nothing to do with it.


The desk does not copy data from one fixture to other fixtures of the same type or otherwise within a palette. This is to allow you to create colour rainbow palettes etc.


To copy attributes between fixtures, select the destination fixture(s), then while holding down colour, beamshape or position, press the source fixture selection button.


Palettes snap onto the outputs, the option to fade has been suggested as a new feature though.

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  • 2 months later...

Don't really know how much i'm asking with this one. since it it a feature known to a more expensive console. :?


One of the greatest strenghts (if not the greatest) on a avolites pearl is the ability to recall pallettes over a live given ltp fade time. This is still the main reason why i choose a avolites console over a hog console when operating live bands or house/dance parties. ( i use hog a lot too, when i need a clear view of what i'm doing ie. presentations, congresses)


At this moment i''m simulating this effect on the fatfrog by programming a submaster with pallete information only and giving it a ltp fade time.


The question here is somewhat obvious. Would it be possible to make pallets fade live somehow? taking their fade time from, lets say, the preset time fader? or even a typed value?

if one million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.

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Here's an example of what I'm trying to do -

imagine I'm busking a gig, so no cues programmed, just submasters mostly with generic and fixture brightness programmed and then various palettes programmed for live playback.

Say there are 4 fixtures across a back bar of the stage and at the moment they are pointing at the stage as backlight (position palette 1) and I want them to move slowly up through the crowd so that they point at the back of the venue (position palette 2).

Is there any way of achieving this slow tilt up without the lights just going to the new position quickly (i.e. the default palette fade time)?

Is there any way that the playback slow/fast override control can affect the playback of palettes?

Thanks for any help, or ideas of how I could do this differently,



Edit: thanks for moving that post to here (whoever did it), I'm assuming that this isn't going to happen on the Fat Frog range then?

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The original Frog series does not support Fade Times for palettes, and to be honest this isn't something we're likely to add at this stage in the products life.


You can achieve the effect you're looking for by programming a submaster containing just the position for those fixtures (the submaster can even reference the palette if you want it to). Then set an LTP Fade time on the submaster, and set position to Fade. When you trigger the submaster (either by raising the fader past the LTP Trigger Level - default 5%, or by pressing the flash button), the fixtures will fade to the programmed position in the LTP Fade time.

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