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Hi on my fat frog has been the victim of sound engineer " houmour" hmmm.....!!

after returning to desk after sorting somthing or other the small screen that shows the displays for generics and set up etc etc ( function screen ) had been covered in lx tape and ribald comments written on it so far so normal. the problem came when i took lx tape off half the display has become fuzzy and out of focus looking at it closely there seems to be a lacquer on top of the screen so half the screen is in focus half is fuzzy the tape has taken part of this covering off

is it possable to replace the display or the lacquer on the display. i do use an monitor display as a normal thing ( more info visable at anyone time ) its just annoying


cheers Rich

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Yeah - the displays do have a lacquer on them for some sort of glare control I think.


The sad news is that you can't replace just the window that's damaged as it's all part of the transfer that labels the front panel. I had a similar thing on a Frog then scrapped one for a customer about 4 weeks later - the front panels got transplanted!

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Oh right...! thats not really an option then i do use the aux monitor as a matter of course so no real loss just annoying

also im in the process of fitting an extra work light ( bendy light ) the installed one is ok but not enough throw for the whole desk ive changed the original littlelight type for led generic 4 square ( eagle brand )


Thanks for your reply cheers Rich

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