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15A Plugs, lighting.


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You're allowed to use any connector that meets a British Standard - the one that covers round pin plugs is BS546.


If you're designing/installing a new installation then those connectors must meet a current British Standard - the Standard was withdrawn from the 2A & 5A round pin connector a few years back which is why new work usually involves lots of plug tops being swapped. However, it's not illegal to use 5A plugs if your installation still has them - we still sell plugs but trailing and wall sockets are nigh impossible to source new these days.


To answer your original question - "Yes - you are allowed to use South African plugs" and you will probably find them marked with the BS above as they're still very much a current connector there. :P . I believe the lumex/snappers/grelco's we sell are made in South Africa but I'm not sure about the Duraplug 15a plugs & sockets we sell. The only real caveat is - be more observant when fitting them/using them as sometimes the build quality can be VERY variable.

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