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I cant get into setup having updated the operating software


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Hi Nick,


Is it that you've updated to?


Can you go into the Event Monitor and see if there's anything strange going on in there?


Output Window > Other Windows > System Information > Event Monitor





Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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Day job in the way so I will have look later.It didnt cross my mind there might be an issue. The desk has been sitting in my living room since April. Looks like I will have to fire up the Leapfrog for a one night show on Friday.I did up date to the latest software to try and get rid of some bugs we talked about then. I assumed it did install right





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I have now made a disk and tried using that to install update. It suggests the correct OS is installed however if I press the Setup button on the upper keypad it actually inserts @ in the box which of course is the symbol on the lower keypad. I think I am going to have to get the desk serviced as it is useless at the moment!

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