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Frog 2 boot up issues

Jeff M.

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Bought Frog 2 on ebay, No PS, looks like new, said came from working situation. Connected Jester PS, Keyboard, Mouse to console. Powers up to "Loading Please Wait" on internal screen and goes no further? Nothing comes up on external monitor. Downloaded newest update to USB stick and inserted into USB port closest to network port as instructed. Still goes to same point and do not see USB stick light up? P.S. I have Frog PS and Jester PS, I noticed the Jester PS has more power than the Frog and saw the Frog 2 requires more power so am trying with it. Thoughts?

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Jeff - that would be the first thing to try - a proper Frog 2 PSU.


Although the PSU's look similar (apart from a switch) it might well be that your Jester PSU can't provide enough current. What you're describing seems to be just about the point that the software initialises all the control surfaces and displays, as the current draw increases - the PSU shuts down.


I've just checked the Frog 2 manual and it says that you need +5v @ 10a and +12v @ 3a - the Frog and Jester pull about 47% of that so their PSU's are rated accordingly.

Ian Knight aka The Service Guy - www.serviceguy.co.uk

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