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When you put selected fixtures in a palette colour it shows that name as the colour which is very helpful as we don't have a copy from function. Only trouble is that it doesn't show the name if a filter is selected. Is there any way this could be made to work?

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Hi Simon,


I have had a play and see what you mean.

The Palette copy function will be returning soon.

When selecting Filters, the filter name will appear in the Command Line of the console, and as you say give RGBW values in the Programmer table.


Hope this helps


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Hi Edward,


It's not the palette copy that I'm after. What I used to be able to do on an old strand and I think the old Frog would be to copy all attributes from one fixture to another. The copy button on the frog IIRC used to have both channel and playback facility. The Strand desk had a copyfrom button so in syntax would be 58@copyfrom65enter and it would put 65 exactly as 58.

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