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  1. Is this a thing or are you referring to the list of wants? when I said list I meant the one you were working on not our would be nice list. thanks
  2. Can you tell me if the custom screen settings is on the list and where abouts roughly please? As far as usability for me this is the biggest hinderance during a plotting session. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I’ve sorted it now, my fat fingers had typed the wrong ip. still like to know where the reset button is though.
  4. Hi, ok used dmx workshop to change the IP address to and now cannot see it anywhere. The instructions on here say to return to factory settings press reset button and cycle power but there isn’t a reset button or any button for that matter. help please.
  5. Thanks yet again Edward. perhaps a line in the instructions sent out with the unit should say please consult zeros manual for configuration on a console?
  6. I’ve just received my new gateway 4 and in the introduction it says it can be configured from the board or alternatively via a browser but in the configuration section there is no mention of setting it via the board. Am I missing something?
  7. So I emailed the tech support on the chauvet website asking for the info. I get an email from customer support asking tech support if they can help followed by reply from tech support saying this was a product support problem followed by an email from customer support saying they would ask product support and get back to me. You couldn't write this stuff.
  8. Thanks Edward, will give this a try. If I create a default show file from this and then a company change the addresses and modes can I then load this show and press recover rig and it should reset the RDM fixtures back to that show file?
  9. Thanks Edward, Hope Plasa is going well. It's been many years since I attended. Shouldn't the fixtures work with this basic personality?
  10. Hi, I have done a factory reset on the desk and then enabled Rigsync both globally and on each universe. It discovers all the compatible devices available and correctly identifies make and model but does not assign the correct fixture profile and so makes the fixtures unusable. When I try and change the fixture profile it says no alternative profies available. I have attached my test show file. rdm test.zos
  11. SimonH


    I think I'm going to pause this until we receive our new gateway 4 and I will do some testing after that.
  12. SimonH


    Hi, we have just bought some new wall mount Swisson dmx splitters that allow RDM transmission and have put the first one in direct from the dmx port on the back of the desk. the RDM light on the side of the Swisson is doing the same thing as the Artnet device which makes me think that the desk isn’t outputting RDM all the time. the Swisson instructions say the led should be solid ( same as the transcension). any help?
  13. SimonH


    That’s great thanks Edward.
  14. SimonH


    Hi, not sure I have 100% faith in the unit we have so looking at changing. The Swisson unit only says compatible with Artnet 1,2&3 but I think flx works with 4 is that correct? ideally I’d use a gateway 4 but it’s a little more expensive. thanks
  15. SimonH


    I’ve got it to transmit RDM I think, but the led is alternating between yellow (dmx) and green (RDM and dmx) so not sure if it’s 100%ok.
  16. SimonH


    Hi, we have a Transcension N4 artnet-dmx. The manual says that it should allow RDM transmission but I can't seem to get it to do so. Anyone else have one of these beasts?
  17. SimonH

    Flash button

    Yep, just takes me into the fixture set up page unless I’m pressing them in the wrong order. Might have been holding button and pressing setup.
  18. SimonH

    Flash button

    How do I make the button under the fader flash when in channel mode? atm it just selects and deselects the channel.
  19. SimonH

    colour pallete

    evening all, should I be able to select a single fixture within a cue, adjust its colour and then save that as a pallette and then apply that pallette to all same type of light?
  20. If you'd had cue 42 live and added the foh and recorded cue 43 would that have worked?
  21. That's the one, thanks!!
  22. Ok checked programme timer under the z key and it says 5 secs but it still snaps the colour when I select a pallet. Am I doing something wrong?
  23. Great. Thanks both
  24. Is there a way of putting a time on the colour palette so that it fades rather than snaps when using it live?
  25. Is it possible to replace the MCB’s on the betspack 4 with rcbo so I can feed the rack with an mcb and any fault will trip just the faulty circuit rather than the entire rack? being an outdoor venue gives us a little problem with rain!! thanks
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