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Midi show control from scs to orb

Paul Finch

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Hi there. I have tried a emu USB to midi lead and that has a led on it that flashes when receiving midi. I have also tried a scarlet audio interface with a midi output and USB in from laptop

I am wondering if I have a setting wrong on the orb as it says at the bottom of the cue stack midi not detected

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Hi Paul,


If all is good with your MIDI interface and the LED is lighting when a trigger is sent, ensre on the ORB in SETUP -> Inputs & Outputs -> MSC Enable -> Set device ID.


This will then control Playback 0 in 7.9.2.


Just be wary if you are using a cheap MIDI interface...




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OK. Paul and I were trying to get MSC to trigger the orb last night with no success. This was the setup; laptop 1 sending MSC (lighting Go) via midi to laptop 2 using Focusrite Scarlett interface.


Laptop 2 - Showcue systems software "listening" for MSC lighting "go" which will trigger a sample sound cue. When tested the music cue triggered as expected, thus demonstrating that both midi signal and MSC commands were being transmitted and received.


Connecting midi from the Scarlet interface to the orb (using Midi in socket), the orb did not trigger a lighting cue in playback 0. We noticed that "midi not detected" was visible on the screen. Using the Midi thru midi port, we connected laptop 2 to the orb. We then send the MSC command from laptop 1 to the Orb .. the orb did not trigger but Laptop 2 DID trigger as it did the first time.


This test demonstrated that midi was still being transmitted and received, however the Orb screen still showed that "midi not detected".


So ... is the midi In port always enabled? and if so ... our test might indicate that there's a fault with the midi in connector and the orb board.


would you make the same assessment?

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Hi Paul and SJWicks,


We've found an issue in the latest software version that affects some hardware variants which causes MIDI to (try and) be read at the wrong baud rate. We're getting it fixed asap and will get a beta out tomorrow. If you would like to be part of the Beta Test group to access this, drop me an email (jonhole@eaton.com) and I'll add you to the group.



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