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Still with 7.9.7 that working good ! And what about 7.9.9. ? Bugs or working good ?

van den abbeele Eric

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I m coming here for looking after 6 months for having coming back about 7.9.9


I using 7.9.7 and for instance having no problems and having a good stability.


But In France I saw and French forum that FLX user have some problems with the 7.9.9,  about two or three Bugs by day... ...

But for having more news, I prefer to post here for having news from FLX and FLX'S users and to see If during the spring I can try to do the update ...


Thank for your help

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Hi Eric,

There are a couple of bugs we know about that affect some users (for example, showfile compatibility when loading files from a specific version of ZerOS)... we've fixed these and uploaded them to this page under "public beta" - https://zero88.com/zeros#download - we're not shouting about this download, as it only fixes a couple of specific issues, so we point customers towards it when we know it will fix their issue. These fixes will get rolled into the next bigger release of ZerOS.

Talking of which... there will be the first Beta of ZerOS 7.10 in the next week or so, that brings some major new features to FLX and FLX S which people have been asked for for a long time!

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Hello Jon

Thank you for the clarifications in question. It is good to know what is going on. And if you have identified bug concerns that is also a good thing for users. And I imagine that your priority is still to evolve ZerOS to satisfy both old and new users.

If you are already progressing positively on the new ZerOS 7, it's a good thing! Glad to know that 7.10 is coming. This is a good thing.

Do you think there will be an upcoming library update?

Thank you

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15 hours ago, scottydog75 said:

Any news on a potential release date for ZerOS 7.10? 😀

On Monday we previewed ZerOS 7.10 to our beta testers. If you would like early access to the software, please let me know, and I can email you a beta version.

We currently do not have a release date confirmed.

If you have any questions let me know.


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