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Trivial question about FLXS Phantom


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I’m loving the improved graphics on the Phantom and have installed 7.10 on our backup desk, hoping to move into live next week after testing. I don’t have any cell based fixtures to try out the new software with but I like the idea of what is possible.

My trivial question is this- I was hoping that the improved desktop encoder wheels might have been easier to tweak now they are much larger but not using a mouse. Is there a reliable way to tease the wheels up and down when doing offline editing?

Thanks guys.

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Hi @delicolor

5 minutes ago, delicolor said:

Thanks John, that sort-of works in that the direction is respected although the finess is a bit lacking on hitting a particular level. (Although that could be me being heavy handed). It looks like the acceleration settings make it fiddly.

The encoders give the best results when the Front Panel window is full screen. Dragging horizontally gives "normal" control, and vertically gives more "fine" control.

If you still find the control is too course, try reducing the encoder sensitivity on Phantom ZerOS to 40% ish.

Hope this helps,


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