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Zero88 recovery


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That just means when you turn off the console you don't lose your programming. Either the Solution has a battery-backed RAM area or it has some non-volatile Flash or EEPROM that it updates from volatile working memory.

So what I'm saying is, that "save" is just non-volatile working memory, not a "backup" that you can recover.

Basically if you don't have your show saved to USB stick (I think that's the medium used by Solution), then you've lost it and will need to reprogramme the cues from scratch. Sorry 😞 

Sounds like you need to save to USB stick more incrementally so you have an earlier state to go back to. When programming I usually save at key points (i.e. when I have chance!), <show>_tech<n> or <show>_dress<n> etc where <n> is 1,2,3,... etc so I have a chronological sequence of states I can go back to. The "final" show I save to two USB sticks, one that I leave with the console, one I take away from me (and try to remember to upload to the computer at home!).


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