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Splitter 8

Category Data Splitter 8

Splitter 8 provides flexible DMX / RDM data distribution, in a slim (1RU) 19” format, offering both splitter and “data fix” functionality in a single device.

Splitter 8 is fully compatible with the latest RDM protocol, ensuring your DMX distribution network is ready to meet your future demands. Splitter 8 is appropriate for permanent installations or as a flexible, adaptable rental & touring tool.

“Fix Switch” is designed for systems where compatibility issues (or poorly designed fixtures) are causing flickering. When enabled, “Fix Switch” discards non-DMX data (including RDM) and adjusts the DMX timing to values more likely to work with fixtures that do not fully comply with the DMX standard.

The input is optically isolated, with a “Thru” connection for further expansion. The eight buffered outputs are protected against electrical faults. All connectors are Neutrik parts.

Splitter 8 is ideal for use alongside Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 to build a larger data distribution system.