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  1. Is there actually a Zigbee sender/receiver in the Zeros-Server? Or do you need a bridge to talk to Philips Hue?
  2. Intresting announcment from PLS today: I can't remember to see this in this wishlist here...
  3. Hi Edward, I could also provide the timeloard showfile and a capture showfile if this might help... Please just let me know. Best regards Sven
  4. Hi all, we just created a showfile for an online event and discovered a strange behavior in regard of MTC using offsets. Unfortunately I can not remember if this behaved the same on the previous OS version. This is our setup: We have a PC running the "timeloard" software connected via MIDI to our ORB XF running zeros 7.10 On the timeloard we have 16 songs. All of them have an offset of 1 hour (so 1st starting with 00:00:00:00, 2nd with 01:00:00:00 and so on) On our ORB XF we have 16 cue stacks representing the 16 songs. Each cues in theses stacks are triggered with the related MTC offset This is what happens: if we start 1st song, first stack gets triggered If we after this start 2nd song, 2nd stack gets triggered and so on... So if we play all songs in the "correct" order the stacks are called correctly BUT: If nothing was played so far and we for instance play song 15 (with offset 14:00:00:00) ALL stacks from 1 up to 15 get triggered simultaneously! So every time you start a random song all stacks with offsets less then the offset of the played song get triggered as well. I think this is not how it should be?! Did anyone experienced something similar? Best regards Sven
  5. Hi Edward thanks for this hint. We really have a couple of multicell fixtures. I will email the Showfile. Best regards Sven
  6. Hi all I just started to prepare our desk for a new show based on 7.10 and realized it especially on recording a cue is pretty laggy. It sometimes really takes some seconds until the desk responds again. Does somebody else experience this? Best regards Sven
  7. Hi all I hope this was not already added but I‘d have a which/proposal for color fanning on legacy devices with no multitouch available: What about if you just could click the two „endpoints“ of the color range one after the other? I know you could do it also with a connected Tablet but I think this might be not to hard to implement and would give some extra value Best regards Sven
  8. I already thought about this... One thing I would also love to see (but of course after Pixel Mapping ) is to have the ability to have a "FX speed master" and a "FX size master". I never understood why the both are combined and why I would want to have an FX "smaler" just because I want to have it "slower" - if you get my thought... Best regards Sven
  9. Hi Edward, thanks for your answer! This indeed was very helpful! I can imagine how dumb I would have looked if I would not have found my console Best regards Sven
  10. Hi all, did someone already test if the zero apps are compatible with IOS/iPadOS 14? (I wanted to post to the APPs or Software forum but for whatever reason they are closed) Thanks and best regards Sven
  11. Wow! This "Inhibitor" thing was really brand new for me! Do you have some more hint for me how to achieve this? Best regards Sven
  12. Hi Jon unfortunately (or luckily?) I was not able to reproduce this issue again (Even as I did some very intense Programming sessions) So I would not be able to tell if the fix would solve something. sorry!!! Best regards Sven
  13. Hi, I made the very same experience with our Orb XF. Strangely after going into Setup and back again everything was responding fine again Best regards Sven
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