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Midi Time Code issue with Zeros 7.10


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Hi all,

we just created a showfile for an online event and discovered a strange behavior in regard of MTC using offsets. Unfortunately I can not remember if this behaved the same on the previous OS version.

This is our setup:
We have a PC running the "timeloard" software connected via MIDI to our ORB XF running zeros 7.10
On the timeloard we have 16 songs. All of them have an offset of 1 hour (so 1st starting with 00:00:00:00, 2nd with 01:00:00:00 and so on)
On our ORB XF we have 16 cue stacks representing the 16 songs. Each cues in theses stacks are triggered with the related MTC offset

This is what happens:
if we start 1st song, first stack gets triggered 
If we after this start 2nd song, 2nd stack gets triggered 
and so on...
So if we play all songs in the "correct" order the stacks are called correctly

If nothing was played so far and we for instance play song 15 (with offset 14:00:00:00) ALL stacks from 1 up to 15 get triggered simultaneously! 

So every time you start a random song all stacks with offsets less then the offset of the played song get triggered as well.

I think this is not how it should be?!

Did anyone experienced something similar?

Best regards

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Hi Sven,

I have replied to your email.

ZerOS is working correctly in this scenario, as it ensures the most recent MIDI cue in a playback is triggered, upon receiving timecode.

I have provided details in my email, on how you can use this as a way for playbacks to release themselves when not required.

(In case it is useful, on OrbXF you can hold SHIFT and tap RELEASE, to release all playbacks).

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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