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  1. Oh, what a pity. Well, we will work as it is. Thanks for the quick response. Alex
  2. Hi everybody. There is such a problem. There is "show file 1" and "show file 2", is it possible to transfer the playback (cue stack) from 1 to 2? Alex
  3. Edward, During the investigation, I found another error, but it turned out to be floating, and I don't always detect it. The bottom line is as follows, when choosing LED devices, conditionally selecting the red color of the wheel, you need to remove the selections from the other wheels. Holding "undo" I turn any wheel and the remote crashes. When restarting, repeating the sequence, everything passes. I have this bug appearing in the fixture "Briteq LED Mega Beam (6 ch)". If I manage to detect this bug again, I will send it to the technical support email. Alex
  4. Hi guys, Digging into the problem, unexpectedly solved it, the problem turned out to be in the choice of cell order reversal settings. I had a "cell order reversal," "Yes." As soon as I canceled the value, everything worked properly. Maybe the difficulty lies somewhere there. Temporarily changed the reverse in the devices. While this is a temporary solution, I will wait for new updates. Alex.
  5. Well, I will try to send pictures soon.
  6. I tried, only intensity works as well. The "RED" "GREEN" "BLUE" values are not displayed, and the values are not changed. Maybe it's about the fixture? And whether in the future any ability to change FAN values will be implemented using the function keys above the trackball, for example. As in the pan/tilt grid field using the center key.
  7. Yes, I select the "900 Enter" fixture the encoder wheel controls the intensity of all cells, select the "Color" button, the "RGB" encoder wheels do not display color values and do not change them. The same happens when "900.1 Enter" is selected. But on the external monitor, you can change the values with a trackball or a mouse in the COLOR menu. How do I understand that if you use a regular monitor, you will not be able to use FAN colors?
  8. Hi everyone. Since the ORB XF branch is closed, I write here. Updated to version 7.10 and finally thought to apply multiple pixel luminaires, but it was not here. In the library under my fixtures (Briteq LED Pixel bar RGB), there were no multichannel settings (12,24,48.50 channel) recommended Showtec LED Light Bar 16 (48Ch), which is already included in the library. Checked at Phantom ZeroOS 7.10. Everything works. I applied a patch on the console, it works, but there were problems. When you select fixtures, you can apply only intensity. Color change wheels do not work, works only in picker mode, from the mouse monitor. Also, the FAN of colors does not work. The option with LED-RGB (3Ch) is not considered, because 8 LED Pixel bar is involved, too many devices are obtained in the universe. What can be done about it?
  9. Thanks, I downgrade to the version of ZeroOS 7.9.7. I will follow the updates)) Alex
  10. As I understood on the ORB XF console in version 7.9.8. the LSD screen does not work, and in version 7.9.7 everything works perfectly.
  11. Checked... same values change but are not displayed on the console LSD.
  12. I checked... Yes, the external monitor displays and changes values... And on the console there is no...
  13. Yes, I did so too, and in ORB XF encoders 2 and 3 remaining blank (blue), and "intensity" and 1 encoder, work. And in Phantom ORB XF everything works great. The contrast LSD checked all right. I also tried other fixtures.. also do not work on the console. Alexander
  14. Hi everyone. After updating the ORB XF console, there were problems with displaying on the LSD 2x control wheels of any devices with several color values, gobo, etc. I had to roll back to 7.9.7, everything works there... Devices in which no values were displayed: Briteq BT-575S, Briteq BT-575W, Briteq Led Mega Beam, Briteq Led Pixel bar RGB. It is also unclear how in 7.9.8 to create a new device using Fixture Type Editor with a resolution of .zlbr
  15. Hello everyone! I have a problem to my ORB XF is connected with 2 monitor NEC 2190uxp. After recent updates I no longer see the numbers of Submasters on the screen. How can I solve this problem? print screen Thank you in advance.
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