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Fixture prob...


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Say you have a scanner doing something on its own, and say you put it on 'sub 1', and then you put a blue parcan on its own on 'sub 2'.


If you put 'sub 1' up, and then you put up 'sub 2' as well, the scanner wouldn't work ???


Sorry, I really can't phrase it any better !!


Does anybody have any ideas to solve this ? :D

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I assume we're talking Frog range here?


When you say 'wouldn't work' what do you mean? Was the scanner doing something before you brought in Submaster 2?


Remember that the movement/colour/gobo channels on scanners etc are all LTP channels; they respond to the last change. It sound like the desk is in 'Full' mode which means all fixture channels are recorded.


Have a look in the manual for 'Partial' mode or search this site for the same word.

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hi guys, this is my first post and i think im having a similar problem.


im doing a show this week and using a fat frog for my first time, im used to using a sirius 48channel.


im running 10 fixtures: 4 mac250+'s, 4 abstract extreme and 2 martin destroyers.


being my first time im not sure im using the board right, however its too late to change, i have a performance tomorrow night!


ive loaded a few scenes into the submasters, most of which use generics with a couple fixtures doing their thing. i tried to be clever and give one submaster control of the macs, another for the destroyers etc, BUT, with one submaster up (macs for example) and i bring in the destroyers on top, i lose the macs and they return to home 8O


its been a very frustrating rehersal today, thankfully the people im lighting for aren't that fussy, but we're looking to replace our sirius with a fat frog in the near future, im going to have to understand what i can and cant do for future productions.

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OK, Whats happening is that you guys are all in 'Full Mode'.


Full Mode is where everything is recorded even if you haven't used the fixture. A good way to think about this mode is: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If you set up a scene with say your blue par can at 100% but your red par can is at 0% and your scanner in the home position with dimmer at 0% it will save all of that info despite the scanner and red par not being used!


Partial mode is where you can select what you want to save (obviously doesn't apply to generics because they work on a HTP basis). If you want to save your scanner into the scene then you need to hold down its fixture selection button until the yellow led starts flashing. So this way you can choose if you want to save the scan into the scene or not!


To change the desks mode go; Super User (hold + - and press ENTER), then Desk Setup, Then Program Mode and change to Partial.





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When programming in Partial mode - remember all generic channels and fixture brightness channels are ALWAYS recorded into the memory or submaster.


For colour, beamshape and position parameters of fixtures, they will only be recorded if the fixture is tagged (yellow LED in fixture selection button is FLASHING).

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