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Connect Up The Boards In A Frog?


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We have been given a Frog to use as spares for our Fat Frog, but on opening it up it is clear that the electronics are quite different (although there are probably some parts we could reuse).


We are therefore curious to see if this desk is in face a "runner" but there are seem to be some ribbon cables missing. Has anyone got any photos or other information about how the insides of this desk should look when properly connected?

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Hi Ian - we managed to get hold of the maintenance manual and found that A and C were used, but not B - as this includes amongst other things a simple block diagram of which boards connect to what. We also discovered that the ribbon cables inside were not original ones (as A, B, C were connected, but B is only for moving light panel). So we are trying to get hold of some suitable cables so we can at least try and fire it up because there are no obvious signs of problem apart from the cabling (and disconnected earth). It seems that the original parts are not available either.


So you are right as nearly all of it is the same as in our Fat Frog. But if it runs it is too good to cannibalise! But main benefit was being able to take it to pieces when it doesn't matter, which we would be wary of with our live desk. Changing the battery on this recently was like a scene from a hospital film!

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I've not seen inside many 'small' Frogs to be honest - we mostly sold Fat Frogs and get them in for service hence my memory playing tricks!


If it's some cables you need - can you give me until tomorrow to have a look through my odds & sods? I know I stripped a Fat Frog for spares a couple of years back but I can't remember if I kept the cables - I'll need to root through my bits and pieces BUT I'm out onsite today with Keith. If I have them around - then you're welcome to them to try!


Battery changes on the Mark 1's were fun - always insisted they come here to be done on the bench rather than onsite :P

Ian Knight aka The Service Guy - www.serviceguy.co.uk

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The correct ribbon cables were carefully put in and the Frog fired up in test mode. Works perfectly! Connect to theatre DMX and works as good as new. Updated to latest software level. Now we have the nice problem of what to do with it as it is too good to use for spares for our Fat Frog as originally intended! Peter

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