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Jon Hole

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We pride ourselves in supporting our customers significantly past the warranty of their Zero 88 consoles.

FROG2 was first released almost 13 years ago at PLASA Show 2004 in London, and we still regularly support FROG2 customers via the forum, email, social media and phone with programming guidance and fixture library updates (along with many other consoles much older than FROG2!).

However, there's one area we can no longer support. We have been unable to port the latest ZerOS features across to FROG2 without affecting performance and stability, due to limitations of the FROG2's older hardware. Therefore, ZerOS, which was released in October 2016, will be the last ZerOS release for FROG2. We continue to release new fixtures for FROG2 (Fixture Library Release 33 was launched last month, in June 2017), and support FROG2 customers in any other way we can.

Jon Hole
Global Product Manager, Systems and Control

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Shame you weren't able to drop a partial 7.9.x update as a parting shot as you did with Frog(Mk1) 10.12, but understandable after 13 years...


I think we got 10 years (2000-2009) of software for the Mk1 Frogs which was nice - especially as I joined the party a bit late in 2006 - as you were thinking of ramping down the range as I now realise!


Do I get to at least 2028 with my FLX then? :D:wub:



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