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Effect for sea "movement"


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I need to create an effect on RGBW LEDs to depict (gentle) movement of the sea. In this instance I'll have 4 mover wash LEDs and 3 non-mover LEDs as backlights. ZerOS 7.9.5.

I think this would be a colour effect (and maybe but not necessarily a position effect for the movers - gentle side to side swoosh?) that uses probably an offset sine function to colour fade some mid-blues, paler-blues and whites. Can I pick your brains (Edward) on how this could be set up (then saved as an effect palette I presume)?

If it's good, maybe this could be added to the Auto Effects palette for 7.9.6 as "Water" to go with the new "Fire" 😊

Thanks as ever!


ps My movers don't have any usable gobo functions for this - they are Showtec Shark Wash and Shark Combi-Spot (you made me the fixture definition).

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It looks like the Shark Combi-Spot has some gobos that could help provide some texture? Overlap the beams and ensure they're out of focus. You could then play with adding in some "animation" but I'm not sure Pan and Tilt are the correct option. Maybe try adding a sine wave to the focus parameter just to bring the gobo in an out of focus (although never a hard focus). Potentially a slight intensity effect too.

With the LEDs, you could try putting a small sine effect on the Green and Blue channels just to slowly pulse them slightly, and offset that across the fixtures - probably randomly, but maybe see if offsetting them in order helps suggest movement. Give the Green and Blue parameters slightly different speed and sizes from each other so you don't always get exactly the same shades.




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