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FLX S24 Freezes


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We recently installed a FLX S24 in our newly renovated church. We are barley scratching the surface of what the desk can do.

However we have encountered a problem, all of a sudden the desk freezes up. You cant do anything on the desk. The display is on but unresponsive all the lights on the buttons work but they are also unresponsive. After some minutes all the lights connected to the desk turns off. The only thing to do is to turn off the desk and reboot.

I dont get any debug file or any error messages. We dont have anything in any of the USB ports. The desk is connected to a Elation DM-2512R dmx merger (since we have a little wall panel, a "STICK GA-2", for when there isn't a lightguy at hand) and from there to a Chauvet data stream 4.  Any Ideas why this is happening?

We run software version 7.9.7 and the co-processor runs

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Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum.

14 hours ago, PingstOsby said:

However we have encountered a problem, all of a sudden the desk freezes up.

Really sorry to hear this. How regularly does the console seem to freeze? After booting, how long does the console seem to run smoothly until the freeze happens. Unfortunately it sounds like a faulty console, especially if the only connections in use were power in and DMX out. I would recommend contacting the Zero 88 distributor the console was purchased from, who will be able to assess the console and repair/replace. Feel free to send us an email to support@zero88.com, and we can advise further.

12 hours ago, kgallen said:

No idea really but might be worth disabling RDM (in Setup) just in case there is something coming back from the merger that is confusing the desk. 

This won't make a difference unfortunately, if the console receives out of spec RDM information, it will be ignored. 

If you have any questions let us know.


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The console freezes at random times. Sometimes after 20min sometimes after 2.5h. 

We also have a router (no internet connection) connected to the desk if that may interfere. I have disconnected it and we will se if that makes a diffrence.

If it continus after the weekend ill talk to the seller. 


Thanks for the input. 

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Flx S48 7.9.7

I sometimes had freezes of a few seconds, no dmx signal out, probably due to electrical interference.  I solved it with the cat6 cable shielded between console and router.

Sometimes there have been long freezes of the control panel after the connection of some high absorption usb peripherals (usb lamp etc.), no dmx signal out. When it is freezes no physical button works, only the touchscreen, remote control and external keyboard reacts.

I would have liked more isolation between the heart of the console and the outside world.

Hope this helps


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