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DMX output frame


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Je voudrais utiliser la console en complément d'une seconde pour les même jeux de lumière sur les même canaux.

Si j'envoie la FLXs24 sur le DMX-IN de la 2eme console j'ai des coupures et des saccades.

J'ai acheté un merger pour contourner le problème mais pareil.

D'aprés le fabricant du merger, les trame DMX ne serait pas complète ?

avez-vous déjà eu le problème ?


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Pourquoi voulez-vous que 2 consoles d'éclairage contrôlent les mêmes lumières?

Quelle est la deuxième console dans laquelle vous essayez d'envoyer du DMX depuis le FLX S?

Je ne comprends pas ce que l'on entend par "le cadre DMX ne serait pas complet". Par défaut, FLX S produira 512 canaux DMX, 29 fois par seconde.

Si vous pouviez créer un lien vers une copie en anglais du manuel de votre fusion, je vais y jeter un œil.




Why do you want 2 lighting consoles to control the same lights?

What is the second console you were trying to send DMX into from the FLX S?

I do not understand what is meant by "the DMX frame would not be complete". By default, FLX S will output a full 512 channels of DMX, 29 times a second.

If you could link to an English copy of your merge's manual, I will take a look.


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54 minutes ago, Edward- Z88 said:

I do not understand what is meant by "the DMX frame would not be complete".

The merger manufacturer is suggesting the DMX frame (s) received by the merger is not correctly formatted or timed. eg incorrect mark or break periods, incorrect header code, mistimed or malformed channel data.

The same observed issue with the DMX-in route (basically a "merger" within console # 2) versus the external merger route demonstrates we are not looking at an equipment problem (of either the desks or the merger) but more a conceptual problem of how two "masters" can control a single "slave" and what the expected slave behavior is (and then whether a merger product exists that can be configured accordingly). The OP says "light effect" which implies some "non-trivial" fixture with intensity, probably color, maybe position and beamshape attributes.

@ jb07  Thanks for the merger link. That looks like an expensive piece of kit - but I don't think it's the answer to your question - because at this point I don't think we (you) know what the question is - i.e. how you want your aggregate control surface to work.

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